Wholesale Seller Finds High Value with RestockPro

by Becky Trowbridge

We recently had the chance to talk to Jeff of Artisan Owl about his Amazon business and how his team utilizes RestockPro. He sells everything from private-label jewelry to grocery items and has a warehouse for his Amazon business, but he started small on the Amazon marketplace.

Jeff began by selling used books about eleven years ago, then eventually shifted to focus on retail arbitrage as the Amazon Prime program gained traction. He has since moved into wholesaling, working across product categories with a wide range of suppliers.

Managing Shipments and Inventory

“When we receive shipments, we basically use the local inventory [in RestockPro] as a to-do list. So, our warehouse manager is receiving things into local inventory, and then [there's] everything we have stored in the warehouse,” Jeff said. After the prep tasks are completed, shipments are created in RestockPro. Jeff has 4-5 employees prepping shipments, from creating box contents lists to poly bagging items and building kits. His team also uses RestockPro to print item stickers.


Sales Forecasting

Inventory forecasting is important for sellers who want to avoid out of stocks, stale inventory, long-term storage fees and other issues. RestockPro’s inventory forecasting abilities are part of what make it an essential tool for Jeff’s business.

“RestockPro is what really makes us money and helps us forecast sales. I would say that it’s 90% looking at the numbers and then 10% intuition in terms of deciding what to order,” Jeff said. He noted that other seller tools at similar price points do not provide the same amount of value for the dollar amount.

High Value

During our conversation, Jeff noted that he uses RestockPro for even more than he initially thought he would. “I would say that it’s the best subscription we pay for by far in terms of what we get,” he said. We couldn’t ask for higher praise from our customers!

Jeff and his team work with more than 100 wholesale accounts, managing everything from small purchases to large orders. Without an inventory management tool like RestockPro, keeping track of everything would take hours and there would be a lot more room for error.

Manage Inventory and More!

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Originally published on December 28, 2017, updated June 11, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.