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More Ways to Boost Amazon Sales

by David T. Griffith, on March 29, 2016

Considering you went into business as an eCommerce merchant to earn an income, it should go without saying that you are always looking for new ways to boost your sales. There are multiple factors that can shape your approach to improving lackluster sales or developing your growth strategy, such as making your products easy to find and bundling.

If you’re selling on the Amazon marketplace, there are specific steps that merchants should consider. Amazon.com, Inc. ("Amazon") offers a number of tools at your disposal, so let’s take a closer look.

Optimize Your Product Descriptions

Search engine optimization (SEO) combines a set of best practices and content strategies applied during content creation to help a web page appear in the top rankings of search results. Unique product copy is critical. The major search engines remove pages containing duplicate content from their search results showing only the first page to ever hold that content. Amazon product pages are often editable provided the merchant added the product. Even in those cases, you may see information that another seller, or Amazon itself, has added. This can occur when the detail page control has been reassigned to someone else.

A seller can vary an item’s description across listings on different retailer sites while maintaining the core details and features. Just make sure to not duplicate the Amazon listing content on your other retailer sites. If you have not created the product detail page, you can edit the item description, but there is no guarantee that buyers will see them. You can look into the Amazon page ownership policy to see how A-z guarantee claims, sales volume and other metrics impact page ownership and the ability to alter product details.

Don’t Overlook Search Terms

Search terms provide an extra layer of SEO to each product page that you add during new item setup. They must accurately describe the product and cannot mislead. Include common spelling variations, like “gray” and “grey,” as well as former SKU numbers and other descriptive terms customers might search for that do not appear in the on-page product content.

Offer Product Bundles or Kits

The process known as “kitting” allows a seller to bundle related items under one ASIN. For example, a video game console can be bundled with two wireless controllers, two games, and a controller charging station. Kitting enables you to comply with a manufacturer’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy while offering an appealing deal. Since other sellers are unlikely to offer the exact same kit, you automatically reduce category competition.

Source Intelligently

Smartsourcing methodology dictates using different vendors who provide the various components of a kit at the lowest costs. Additionally, some functions in the kitting process are brought in-house when possible to decrease costs, like assembling the items in one package. Through these carefully planned savings, you can sell your kit at a strong competitive price while earning a good profit.

Know Your Performance Metrics

Using the Amazon Customer Metrics tool, you can monitor your performance in meeting sales and fulfillment goals. It also enables you to respond to customer issues before they are escalated to the Amazon Seller Performance team.

If a product is slipping in sales ranking, apply a method used in A/B testing. Change one thing about a product page, such as adding a product video, revising the product copy or changing the search terms. Try a different change for another similar product that is also struggling. Take note of any subsequent shifts in performance and apply those positive changes to other products to boost their performance.

If you do not use the Fulfillment by Amazon service, make it a priority to maintain good standing by shipping products in one to two days, responding to customers’ needs quickly and confirming products are not defective before selling them.

Win the Buy Box

Winning the buy box is perhaps one of the most challenging accomplishments associated with selling on the Amazon marketplace. It takes into account high customer ratings, competitive pricing and error-free fulfillment. Adding to the challenge is the fact that Amazon will match the lowest price for items in the company’s own inventory. Merchants using the Fulfillment by Amazon service do have an upper hand in the buy box as Amazon encourages sellers to fit into their reputation of fast fulfillment with virtually no defects.

The key takeaway here is to closely follow which tactics work best for boosting your eCommerce sales and apply them forward. And never hesitate to improve on an existing product page when you see the opportunity.


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