How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Has your seller reputation been plagued by a deluge of negative feedback?

There is hope! If you take the right steps, it is possible that some (or all) of your negative ratings could be removed. But, you must act swiftly, as, Inc. ("Amazon") only gives customers a 60-day window to reconsider.

In this post, we'll share the basics of how to remove negative feedback on Amazon.

Two Paths for Amazon Negative Feedback Removal

For Amazon merchants, there are essentially two ways that seller feedback can be removed. They are:

  • by Amazon
  • by your customer

Amazon only removes feedback that contains one or more of the following:

Contains profane or obscene content - Some words are definitely inappropriate, but others may be less obvious. Amazon says it will remove words "commonly understood to be obscene or profane," so be prepared to defend your argument for words that fall into the gray area.

Reveals your personally identifiable info - Obviously, few sellers want their email addresses or phone numbers linked to a negative rating. Amazon will remove feedback that reveals too much private info about you - including if your full name is mentioned.

Is actually just a product review - We've spoken at length about the differences between feedback and reviews. In short, feedback is supposed to be about your performance as the seller; reviews should be all about the product itself. Feedback containing only product information will likely be removed by Amazon. It is important to note, however, that if a feedback contains opinions about both the product and the seller, the rating will not be removed by Amazon.

Amazon messed up - Millions of sellers leverage the FBA program to enhance the logistical and fulfillment aspects of running an Amazon business. Although FBA participation simplifies many headaches for merchants, Amazon does occasionally make mistakes. If an order was flubbed by Amazon, the company will strikethrough the rating and note its culpability.

What about negative feedback that does not meet the above criteria? Well, there's some good news and bad news. The good news is that you can still get it removed. The bad news is that your customer holds all the cards. Essentially, you'll need to first resolve the situation and then hope the customer changes his mind.

Tips for Engaging Unhappy Customers

So, how do you salvage a relationship that has already deteriorated to the point of negative feedback?

Amazon recommends that sellers " the buyer individually to resolve the problem. After resolving their concerns, you can ask them to update the negative feedback or remove it from the website." Assuming that unhappy customers are even willing to listen, you might acknowledge the negative rating and then pose a few polite questions, such as:

  • In general, what could we have done differently?
  • Is there anything we can do to improve the situation now?
  • Would issuing an exchange (or refund) resolve the problem?

Your honest desire to make the situation right could go a long way. Remember, many buyers do not understand the true impact that negative feedback has on sellers. By doing what's right and maintaining open communication, you drastically increase their willingness to work with you. If they're willing to do so, point them to this page for a step-by-step guide for removal.

Note: Never pressure a buyer into changing a feedback rating. Doing so is a violation of Amazon policies.

Automate the Removal Process

As your eCommerce business grows, you'll likely need to develop a more structured feedback removal workflow. Our FeedbackFive tool can be a lifesaver for the growth-oriented seller, eliminating the many manual tasks associated with negative feedback. Customers use FeedbackFive to streamline their processes by leveraging these great features:

  1. Notification: When negative feedback is provided by a customer, FeedbackFive sends the seller an alert (email and/or SMS text).
  2. Automatic Reach Out: Based on the timing defined by the seller, an email goes out to the unhappy customer. The email asks the customer about the buying experience and seeks to correct any issues
  3. Quick Links for Requesting Removal: Need to manually request removal from Amazon (or the buyer)? FeedbackFive provides quick links to send your request.
  4. Tracking & Follow Up: FeedbackFive helps prioritize the seller's actions until the feedback is stricken by Amazon, removed by the buyer or left to remain. Additional follow-up sequences can be triggered during the 60-day removal window (if desired by the merchant).

Merchants can even attach notes for each negative feedback rating, helping them to create accurate documentation of actions taken and next steps.


Remove Negative Feedback Today

Long story short, it's a perfectly acceptable practice to seek Amazon feedback removal. Just be sure to play by the rules and learn from your mistakes. Although you can't keep every customer happy, you can certainly reduce the likelihood of negative feedback by continuously optimizing your business practices.

Looking to make requesting negative feedback removal simpler? Try FeedbackFive today for free.

Originally published on February 18, 2017, updated July 15, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.