Order Exclusions: Opt-Out "Hack"

by Becky Trowbridge, on August 11, 2017

FeedbackFive has been helping sellers build their Amazon reputations since 2009. We’ve always focused on providing a quality service that is compliant with Amazon policies. We believe that maintaining positive interactions with buyers is key to continued success on the Amazon marketplace.

Because of this belief, we were offering a global opt-out solution long before Amazon.com, Inc. (“Amazon”) began allowing sellers to opt-out of communication from third-party sellers. Here's a quick refresher post on how to use our opt-out feature.

The Power of Connection

Being a FeedbackFive customer comes with many benefits, including a connection with a larger community of merchants. Our customers forward their buyer opt-out emails to optout@mail.feedbackfive.com to add those email addresses to our list. When a buyer opts out of communication, we immediately add them to our global opt-out list. This means that FeedbackFive users will not send solicitation messages to buyers on our extensive list of those who have opted out of communication from Amazon sellers.

Visualize Why Orders Were Excluded

Curious about why an order was excluded from solicitation? You might enjoy this FeedbackFive hack! Get the details about each of your orders on the “My Orders” page in your FeedbackFive account. Simply check the Status column to see why an order was excluded.

FeedbackFive makes it easy to get a 360 perspective of your overall Amazon reputation. You can easily take a closer look at each of your orders to get the details you need to continue running your business successfully.

Save Time with Automation

Sending manual feedback solicitations is a time-consuming task under the best of circumstances. Since buyers were given the ability to opt out of seller communications, it has become downright maddening. Imagine spending hours sending feedback requests only to find that many of them never reached your buyers to begin with. FeedbackFive’s automated system saves you lots of time and frustration, since you can avoid sending requests to buyers who have opted out thanks to the global opt-out list. This proactive exclusion is invaluable for someone as busy as you are!

Add Buyers to Our Global Opt-Out List

If you receive a buyer opt-out notification, be sure to foward it to optout@mail.feedbackfive.com to add it to our global opt-out list. Click here for a quick video on how to auto-forward such notifications. It will benefit you as well as fellow FeedbackFive users! (Need to send a critical message to an opted-out buyer? Get the details here.)

It’s a good idea to review your feedback solicitation messages regularly. Check out Amazon’s terms to make sure that your message is compliant. If you want to jazz things up a bit, get ideas for personalizing your emails here.