How a Feedback Management Tool Helps Amazon Merchants

by Colleen Quattlebaum

So you think your feedback management process is working for you?

Maybe you’ve been considering signing up for a feedback management tool such as FeedbackFive, but you’re not sure how much value it will add for your business. Manually soliciting feedback on the Amazon marketplace takes time and effort, but it seems to be going okay...right?

Or maybe you already have a good rating and feel that your reputation speaks for itself. But the more positive feedback you have, the better - and the higher your odds of winning the Buy Box for your item. Winning the Buy Box entails a high seller rating in addition to a large number of feedback responses. Soliciting feedback can significantly increase your positive feedback.

As your business continues to grow, managing feedback by yourself becomes more and more cumbersome. Getting more positive feedback gives you a cushion against the occasional negative feedback, and FeedbackFive can help.

Here are five reasons to consider adding FeedbackFive as a virtual team member.

FeedbackFive Does the Stuff You Hate Doing

By automating your feedback solicitation process, you can get back to the tasks that matter most to you (instead of spending your time to do items that you dread). There’s no need to sit for hours at your desk copying and pasting solicitation requests into emails and trying to keep track of which customers you’ve already contacted.

feedback-solicitation-process-campaign-rules.pngFeedbackFive makes it easy to ask for feedback with automated email campaigns tailored to your business. You can even select specific SKUs or ASINs to customize your messages. Create a list of SKU tags by copying and pasting them into FeedbackFive and automatically populate your product specific emails with an image of the product by selecting that option.

FeedbackFive Frees Up Your Time

By automating the feedback solicitation process, FeedbackFive lets you take control of your time. Maybe you’d like to actually make time to take that beach vacation this year, or maybe you just want to be able to focus on other tasks. No matter your situation, you’d probably prefer to spend your time on work that generates revenue and grows your business rather than the tedious administrative stuff.

You can set up alerts for negative feedback to be delivered to you via text or email notification. This helps you to respond quickly to resolve issues without needing to do manual checks for negative feedback.

FeedbackFive Helps You Make Informed Decisions

The seller feedback dashboard can be helpful in gauging your operations so you can make smart choices for the future of your business. This powerful tool shows you when each customer was last solicited, when they ordered the item they received, when they left feedback, and much more. If you have requested removal of a negative feedback, that process will also be tracked in this dashboard.

FeedbackFive Minimizes Downtime

You’re a human being, not a robot. Things happen: you get sick, your kids have sporting events, you need to attend a friend’s destination wedding. Putting FeedbackFive to work for you means that you won’t have to worry about certain daily administrative tasks. The platform helps you monitor all of your feedback and increases the amount of positive feedback you receive, because you’re actively asking for it. It also helps provide the clarity you need to make larger strategic decisions about your inventory and practices on an ongoing basis.

FeedbackFive Makes Up for Your Imperfections

Sometimes you just get caught up in other projects and forget to ask for feedback. Nobody’s perfect, after all. That’s where FeedbackFive can give you a leg up on the competition. While the other guys continue trying to keep track of manual processes, you can move on to more profitable tasks, secure in the knowledge that FeedbackFive, your virtual teammate, is still on the job.

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Originally published on May 16, 2016, updated June 1, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.