How Our Global Opt-Out Protects Your Reputation

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on December 7, 2016

Paul hates getting emails from merchants.

He simply wants to receive the products he purchased on the Amazon marketplace - nothing more, nothing less. No matter what you say to Paul, he'll never leave you Amazon feedback. And, if you keep asking him too many times, he might even leave negative feedback - just to prove a point.

Luckily, most customers aren't like Paul. They're happy to hear from you and appreciate your sincere desire to ensure their satisfaction. But, on the rare occasion you encounter a "Paul," FeedbackFive has your back.

Here's how.

Global Opt-Out Is What It Sounds Like

If you're unfamiliar with proactive Amazon reputation management, there are essentially two ways to solicit customer feedback: manually and automatically. A manual approach requires you to send individual emails via your Seller Central account. An automated approach relies on a third-party tool like FeedbackFive (click here for a 14-day trial), which sends emails to buyers on your behalf (based on customizable campaign rules).

When it comes to commercial email, a best practice involves accommodating opt-outs. If you're unfamiliar with email terminology, think of an opt-out as a way to halt future messages from a sender. For example, if you've ever signed up for an eCommerce seller newsletter, you've probably noticed an "Unsubscribe" link near the bottom. These types of links allow you to control the amount of emails you receive. From the sender's perspective, opt-outs ensure that intended recipients are still interested in the content.

Although some automated feedback services offer varying degrees of opt-out features (or worse, none at all), FeedbackFive provides the most robust opt-out management functionality in the industry. When customers click opt-out links on your solicitation emails, they are removed from all future FeedbackFive-generated feedback solicitations - forever. And, when we say forever, we're not just talking about solicitations from you. We're talking about solicitations from our entire network of FeedbackFive users.


At eComEngine, our theory is simple: if your customers take the time to opt out of feedback solicitations, they typically do so for a good reason. It probably doesn't have anything to do with your company or the service you provide. Based on our research, the most likely cause is that they are simply no longer interested in providing seller feedback.

By being a FeedbackFive customer, you benefit from the global opt-out database that we've been cultivating since 2009.

We Have the Largest List of Global Opt-Outs

So, how extensive is our global opt-out list of Amazon customers?

Exact coverage is hard to gauge, but here's something to consider: since launching FeedbackFive in 2009, our data suggests that FeedbackFive solicitations have been successfully delivered to more than 50% of all customers in the United States. When you consider that there are now more than 50 million Prime members in the US (not to mention non-Prime members), that's a pretty big number!

Having reached millions and millions of American households, FeedbackFive is the only tool that helps you bypass those customers who do not wish to be reached. By signing up for our tool, you benefit from the industry's largest pool of engaged Amazon customers.

The net result? Better feedback, happier customers and less friction with Amazon.

Solicit Fewer "Pauls" with FeedbackFive

How can you avoid people like Paul? While we can't guarantee that every customer will leave feedback, we can promise to help you respect the wishes of people like Paul.

Sign up for a free FeedbackFive account today. Join the tens of thousands of Amazon sellers who have benefited from our global opt-out list.