5 Creepy Feedback Solicitation Practices

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Late October is the perfect time to decorate the porch with hay bales, carve pictures of Dora the Explorer onto a pumpkin, and ask strangers for candy. Since this time of year has a way of bringing out the creepiest in us, we thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the creepiest practices when it comes to feedback solicitation.

An email that requests seller feedback from every buyer should be an example of great communication, but sometimes sellers don’t spend enough time crafting a careful message.

Here are a few email solicitation practices that would scare even the creepiest scarecrow.

1. The Subject Line Abuser

Subject: I know you are busy, but please take a second to give me some feedback on your recent purchase - it really helps a lot!

Why it’s creepy:

Treating your subject line like a text message might work for asking your wife if the kids are going as Toy Story characters or Minions, but it’s bad practice for getting feedback. You want your subject to stand out in a crowded inbox, but you don’t need to be spooky with how much information you try to cram in.

2. The Grammar Failure

Subject: Requesting Feedback

Dear Buyer,
Its been great to serve you. We love our customers and their the reason we do what we do. Please give us a good rating and we’ll be able to serve you even more faster. It really helps alot.

Why it’s creepy:

Like it or not, bad grammar will send people running like a zombie apocalypse. When you make common mistakes in your writing, it communicates that you aren’t a professional operation, and people will keep their distance. If writing is a real struggle for you, get a friend to look over your work before it goes out.

3. The Abrupt Emailer

Subject: Requesting Feedback

It has been 5 days since you received an item from us. Please leave your feedback as soon as possible.

Why it’s creepy:

Yes, people are busy and prefer you to not beat around the bush, but this is taking it a bit too far. When you only use very short and direct sentences you sound like an emotionless monster. Try to ditch your inner Frankenstein and make a connection.

4. The Over-Sharer

To: Our Favorite Buyer

From: Your Favorite Seller

Subject: Let’s start things off right!

Hi Friend,

We treat every buyer as a member of our family. I know you will love and cherish your 5 pack of AAA Duracell batteries as much as we love providing it to you. It has been an immense pleasure to serve you and we look forward to meeting all your requests in the future, big or small.

Please leave us some glowing feedback to help get our relationship off on the right foot. XOXO

Why it’s creepy:

Too far! Too far! Even Dracula would get creeped out by this when ordering a new custom coffin. Just a dab of personality goes a long way. There’s no need to overembellish things. Keep it professional along with personal.

5. The Style Pariah

Subject: Requesting Feedback

Dear Buyer,

Thank you for buying Al Green’s Greatest Hits (Vinyl). I’m sure you will love it.
Please leave your feedback for our services using the ratings below. Thank you.

Why it’s creepy:

Ok, this one may have passed back when dressing up like Austin Powers was still socially acceptable, but web style matters a lot more now. Switching fonts and sizes shows that you just don’t take things as seriously as you should. Make sure your formatting is smooth and gives a great user experience.

Watch out for these creepy email solicitation tricks, and enjoy your treats on Halloween!

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Originally published on October 21, 2015, updated April 26, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.