How a Pajama Company Gets More Amazon Seller Feedback

by Colleen Quattlebaum

You've probably received holiday cards featuring families wearing coordinated tartan pajamas or photos from family reunions showing everyone modeling matching shirts. Perhaps some of the apparel you've seen was purchased from Footsteps Clothing, an online retailer that sells custom matching clothes.

In this post, you'll discover how FeedbackFive transformed the feedback management process for this company.

Tailored for Fun

Footsteps Clothing began as a specialty boutique and started selling products online through a simple website before expanding to the Amazon marketplace. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, this business is family-run and focuses on bringing people together. This private-label company ships custom items from a local warehouse and recently began selling products through the FBA program.

We recently chatted with Amber, Customer Happiness Director at Footsteps Clothing. She noted that many clients order matching outfits for their annual Christmas cards. As Amber said, "That's why it's so fulfilling for me to have this business. It's a business, but our same customers will come back to us. I've got one customer who orders from us every year and sends us a photo and every year you can see the family grow. It's such a personal type of interaction with someone's family and it makes me feel good to add a little something to the family celebration, something that they look forward to." She loves getting to know these families and helping them create lasting memories together.

Customization for All

As the business began to grow on the Amazon marketplace, it became clear that an automated feedback management system would be beneficial for the company. At first, Amber didn't even know that there was an option for easier feedback management. "I personally was ordering stuff on Amazon and I would get these emails. And I knew for sure that no one was sitting there sending them one by one. So I went to my Amazon seller contact and said, 'How are these going out, how can I get this?' and that person referred me to FeedbackFive," she said.

Footsteps Clothing specializes in customization, creating matching apparel for families, groups of friends and even the family dog. Adding a personal touch to customer communication is important to the company’s values, so they needed a feedback solicitation process that matched their mission. FeedbackFive is a great solution due to the wide variety of customization options available, such as themed templates, subject line emojis and more. Holiday themed templates are a special favorite for the Footsteps Clothing crew since they provide a direct connection to the holiday apparel sold by the company.


Adding personality to the feedback solicitation message helps Footsteps Clothing stand out and makes customers feel special. This is especially important for the company because they have a lot of repeat buyers. "I think a lot of customers like the follow-up," Amber noted. "I like being able to send them helpful information about how to best use the products as opposed to just 'please review me!' I've had quite a few customers reply to the email that automatically goes out, reply to me and say 'thank you for this' or 'I had another question' or 'I wanted to order something else' so it helps them keep us in mind." Including advice for the best use of products builds buyer trust and creates potential for an ongoing customer relationship.

Automated Feedback Management

Amber subscribes to FeedbackFive’s daily summary. It allows her to easily monitor feedback and quickly address any issues or questions that may arise for her customers. She finds this at-a-glance summary especially useful when the business gets very busy during the holiday season.

Amber also loves that FeedbackFive allows her to automatically personalize solicitation emails for her clients with a few simple clicks. "The template samples were very helpful when we were just trying to get going; this part goes here, this is a nice way to say this, and then I modified it. It was very easy." Using the sample templates to get started has saved her countless hours and ensures that her clients feel heard and well-cared for.


Feedback For All

Merchants like Amber who sell items on the Amazon marketplace can benefit from an automated feedback management tool like FeedbackFive. FeedbackFive saves sellers time, helps build store reputations and much more.

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Originally published on January 21, 2017, updated May 9, 2019

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