Why You Need a Spock

by Joanna Lupo

As an Amazon seller, you were born with an independent streak. You go against the grain. You aren’t afraid to venture into a new field.

You spend your time exploring strange new SKUs, seeking out new suppliers, and boldly going where no FBA seller has gone before. But that same free-wheeling spirit is the one that occasionally leaves your best selling items out of stock in Amazon’s warehouses. A little bit of well-timed logic could have saved you from a lot of mistakes.

In short, Captain Kirk, you need a Mr. Spock.

Highly Intelligent, Highly Illogical

In the Star Trek franchise, Captain Kirk is risky, flamboyant, and likes to throw caution to the wind. Spock represents pure, cold logic and the two often find themselves positioned against each other. Although he is the captain, Kirk highly values Spock’s ability to assess a situation quickly and give an instant analysis. He often rejects Spock’s advice given the situation, but bases his intuition on the feedback he gets from Spock. Sometimes Spock also convinces his captain of the deep flaws in his thinking and gets him to correct the course.

Your restocking software should do the same thing for you. It should give you a quick and thorough analysis of the situation, point out the obvious holes in your own logic, and open itself up to be completely ignored at times.

Restocking software is highly intelligent. You fill in all your details (SKUs, suppliers costs, labor costs, FBA costs), and the equations will automatically show you what you need to do. Bam. 24 jute bags are now safely with Amazon. You sit back and take another sip of coffee.

But it’s not that easy being the captain. If you followed the restocking advice all the time, you would likely spend all your cash flow or miss out on new exciting opportunities. There are certain human decisions that need to be made. Captain Kirk decisions.

4 Ways You Still Need to Be the Captain

RestockPro is going to give you an incredible amount of data to use in an instant, but there are still scenarios where you need to trust your gut and make the tough call, Captain Kirk style.

1. Trends - Spock would never be able to guess that JNCO jeans would be making a comeback. Only you as the captain can use your intuition to know where the next big trend will come from.

2. Competition - One of the nicer features of RestockPro is that it shows you if Amazon is selling the item and how many other FBA and non-FBA sellers are there as well. Only you can develop your own strategy of when to retreat at warp speed and when to put up the shields and fight.

3. Seller Rank - RestockPro can give you all the information, but you have to decide if you are the kind of captain that likes to fight with the big starships, or are you more of a long tail kind of captain?

4. Supplier Relationships - One thing Spock always struggled with was interpersonal relationships. As the captain, you may choose to work more closely with a particular supplier for reasons that go beyond logic. Perhaps you just like the way they do business even if their prices are a little higher. Or perhaps you have a feeling that working with a brand new supplier will allow you to have more leverage as they grow. These are things only you can determine.

As an Amazon seller, you need to see yourself like the captain of a (star)ship. You have tough decisions to make that will impact your entire crew. But there is no reason that you shouldn’t make those decisions with all the data possible at your fingertips, quickly analyzed just for you.

So, come on. Now is the time to try out your own personal Spock for a free 21 day trial.

Originally published on April 14, 2015, updated May 1, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.