Why You Should Fire Your Amazon Feedback Manager

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Remember the day you earned your first Amazon feedback?

It was certainly a proud moment. The countless hours poured into your business finally felt like they were paying off. Not only were you getting orders, customers were actually happy with the service you provided!

Of course, your first Amazon feedback was only the beginning. With each new order, you made it a personal mission to ensure total customer satisfaction. And, as such, you also set a goal to ask happy customers to leave feedback.

This approach was doable for a while. That is, until orders really started flooding in. With dozens of new orders arriving each morning, you found it impossible to solicit them all by yourself. At this point, you made the strategic decision to delegate feedback management to an assistant (we'll call him Fred). Since then, Amazon feedback has become almost a full-time job for Fred.

In this post, we'll discuss why you're paying too much for feedback management. And, why you should either eliminate Fred's job (or re-assign him to something more value-added).

Fred's Typical Workday

Let's start by examining a typical workday for good ol' Fred.

Most days, Fred strolls into the office around 9:00 am. (Being the benevolent person that you are, you let staff define their own work schedules.) Once Fred has gotten his coffee, checked email and been fully updated on the latest office gossip, he finally gets down to business about an hour later. Upon logging in to the Amazon feedback manager dashboard, Fred is dismayed to see several new negative feedbacks.

Like clockwork, Fred marches down the hall to your office. By the look on his face, you can tell Fred has bad news. Against your better judgment, you prematurely end an important call with a new vendor. Fred brings you up to speed on the situation, and you (as you've done so many times before) patiently suggest an appropriate plan of action. Fred vanishes for a couple hours until you spot him in the break room enjoying his lunch. He gleefully explains his process for contacting each dissatisfied customer individually, and (in painful detail), recounts the ensuing back-and-forth email exchanges. Thirty minutes later, you realize Fred is no closer in achieving negative Amazon feedback removal - but, at least he feels good about his day.

After a lengthy lunch break, Fred returns to his desk and plans out the rest of his day. Like most afternoons, Fred has hundreds of new orders to solicit for (positive) feedback. Fred gets busy, clicking on each order and manually sending email after email. Despite your prior recommendations, Fred prides himself on crafting a uniquely tailored message to each buyer. As Fred puts it, "It doesn't really take me that long to write an email." And, as he loves to brag, Fred now averages fifteen emails per hour. By 4:30 pm, he's sent over fifty personalized emails. (Well short of your daily order volume, but a gallant try nonetheless.)

As Fred drives away for the day, you shake your head in discouragement.

Outsource Fred's Job to FeedbackFive

Don't get me wrong - you like Fred a lot. He's a super nice guy and is certainly a good writer. How can you put Fred's skills to better use, while simultaneously streamlining your feedback workflow?

I'm glad you asked! FeedbackFive could be the perfect solution for your situation. Our feedback management tool has been trusted to successfully (and automatically) manage more than 45 million feedbacks. Unlike Fred, FeedbackFive never sleeps, eats, takes breaks or goes on vacation. And, FeedbackFive never forgets what to do in a sticky situation. Negative feedback? One-star product reviews? Problematic SKUs? No problem! FeedbackFive captures your business rules (once) and does what you want it to - every time.


Best of all, you'll find peace of mind knowing that every order worth soliciting actually gets solicited. FeedbackFive doesn't mind working nights, weekends or holidays. Our tool is used by the most successful Amazon merchants, which means we're ready to handle your ever-growing order volume.


It's Time to Talk to Fred

Sign up for FeedbackFive today with a free trial and find out if it's right for your business. If so, you might want to have a heart-to-heart with Fred. After all, you really need someone focused on enhancing your website's SEO. Fred sounds like the perfect candidate for that job - he certainly has plenty of creative writing experience. Put it to good use!

Originally published on April 21, 2017, updated July 25, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.