Packing Slip Feedback Request

As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you understand the benefits of proactively soliciting feedback. After all, how can you know what your customers are thinking unless you ask them? If improvements need to be made to your sales and delivery process, seller feedback ratings will let you know where you need to up your game.

In addition to helping you keep an eye on your seller performance, asking for feedback regularly helps you build up positive feedback. If you do receive the occasional negative feedback, having this buffer means that it makes much less of an impact on your overall average rating.

We've created a completely customizable and free packing slip template for merchants who are fulfilling their own orders to get you started. Here are a few tips:

  • Add a branded message to help connect with your buyer and add consistency to the experience of purchasing from your brand
  • Make it easy by including a link or bit URL that goes directly to your store
  • Ask for feedback regularly

Click the button to download our free packing slip feedback request.

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