GTIN Guide from GS1 US: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

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Magnifying glass viewing shopping cart over Amazon barcode with text, "GTIN guide from GS1 US"Barcodes are used to identify products so they can be tracked throughout the various stages of the supply chain. When you list a product for sale on the Amazon marketplace, you will need to include a barcode. This allows Amazon to ensure the item made it safely to the buyer and that it is authentic to your brand.

Proper product identification is also hugely important to the shopping experience as customers need a reliable way to find your items both online and in stores.

Unfortunately, many sellers still struggle to understand the different types of Amazon barcodes and how to get them.

The following guide contains frequently asked questions often posed to the supply chain experts at GS1 US, an international organization that manages the barcode standards used by major retailers and distributors all over the world.

Answers to Common Questions About SKUs, GTINs, UPCs, and More

While some people refer to GTINs, UPCs, and SKUs interchangeably, they are in fact very different. Each one serves its own role in product identification, and understanding its unique usage will help you remain compliant with the marketplace’s guidelines and streamline your own internal business processes.

Read this guide for answers to common questions from Amazon sellers just like you, including:

  • What is the difference between SKUs, GTINs, and UPCs?
  • Can I add a product to Amazon without a UPC?
  • Do I need a GS1 barcode to sell on Amazon?
  • How does the GTIN exemption on Amazon work?
  • How do I print a copy of my GS1 Company Prefix or Identifier Certificate?

Many sellers are particularly interested in how to request a GTIN exemption. You’ll find that answer (and many more!) in this guide. It also includes links to relevant articles and other helpful tools from GS1 US and eComEngine.

Download the GTIN Guide from GS1 US: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

Knowing how and why GTINs are used on Amazon and other online marketplaces will set you up for more success in your selling journey. Scaling your business and adding new products to Amazon’s vast catalog isn’t possible without the proper barcode usage. Prevent problems in the future by identifying and listing your items correctly today.

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