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packing-slip-feedback-requestIf you're using FeedbackFive, you already understand the importance of proactively soliciting feedback from the Amazon marketplace. A rock-solid feedback rating can make all the difference between winning and losing the Buy Box.

But, did you know that you can also request feedback via your Amazon packing slips?

Sellers often overlook this opportunity to increase feedback and engage with customers. Here we'll share a few tips for leveraging packing slips to request feedback.

Customizing Your Amazon Packing Slips

Receiving an anticipated package almost matches the magic of receiving a beautifully wrapped gift as a child. Make sure your customer has a great unboxing experience by preparing the package properly. Start with new shipping and packing materials that were designed for products like yours. Seal the packages tightly to prevent rips, tears, and damaged contents.

If you are directly filling orders or shipping to an FBA warehouse with items prepackaged for shipment, you can include a customized packing slip with your item. Personalizing your packing slip provides an opportunity to increase awareness of your personal brand. It also offers another way to request feedback or product reviews.

What You Can (& Can't) Say

You can create your own product inserts, but you must remain within the guidelines set forth by Amazon. At a minimum, your packing slip should be legible (typed is best) and should include:

  • Complete shipping address
  • A complete return address with your seller name
  • The package should include a label that reads “Your Marketplace Order.”

Printing your own product inserts gives you an opportunity to thank your customer the moment the package is opened. You can also use this space to request buyer feedback, but it’s important to stick to Amazon’s rules. Do not offer incentives or money to your customer for providing or removing feedback. You should only request feedback in a neutral manner. Do not attempt to influence the buyer to leave a positive rating.

Other Practical Advice for Packing Slips

Make it easy for your customer to leave seller feedback or a product review by providing clear instructions for doing so on your packing slip. Fill out the form to download a template for creating your own Amazon packing slip feedback request.