Amazon Messages: Compliance Checklist

Download this checklist to ensure your Buyer-Seller Messages are compliant with Amazon Communication Guidelines.

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What do you need to know to ensure your Amazon messages are compliant? 

Amazon Message Guidelines

The Amazon Communication Guidelines are meant to provide protection for buyers, sellers, and Amazon. As an Amazon seller, it is your responsibility to understand and follow Amazon policies. The latest updates to Amazon’s Communication Guidelines went into effect on November 6, 2020

If you’re sending requests through Buyer-Seller Messaging, it’s a good idea to review the content and timing of your Amazon messages to make sure you’re in compliance with the updated guidelines. 

This Amazon message checklist for sellers includes:

  • The three requirements for sending Proactive Permitted Messages
  • Email content and styling to avoid
  • Types of messages that you should not send to buyers
  • Strategies to ensure 100% compliance

Request Reviews the Right Way

In the updated Communication Guidelines, Amazon confirms the types of messages you can send to buyers, which includes a request for a product review or seller feedback. But, it's important that you send those messages the right way. Use this checklist to confirm your messages are compliant and decide which strategy is best for you.

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