Amazon A+ Content: Checklist for Success

Use this checklist to create quality A+ Content that will build your brand, boost sales and reduce the risk for returns.

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As a brand owner, educating shoppers about the value of your products and telling your brand story are high priorities. Creating a narrative that shoppers can engage with increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase and hopefully become repeat buyers.

Why Create Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content makes it easy for you to share detailed information about your brand in a variety of formats, from videos to comparison charts. You can also change product descriptions for your branded ASINs, add enhanced images to your listing and more. Including this type of content on your Amazon listings can help increase sales and traffic.

Adding A+ Content to your Amazon listings is a great way to proactively answer common customer questions. You can also share key branding information across hundreds of ASINs. Educating shoppers with detailed images, videos and other content allows you to set clear expectations for your products. This can reduce the likelihood of returns and/or negative reviews, helping you maintain your brand’s reputation on the Amazon marketplace.

Prioritize Your Products

Are you currently promoting your Amazon products with advertising, deals or coupons? Do you have products with high return rates? Have you noticed a product that is receiving a lot of negative reviews? Amazon A+ Content can help you increase sales and/or resolve issues with customer expectations, but you can’t add content for all your listings at the same time. The Amazon A+ Content Checklist includes information to help you determine how to prioritize which products to create A+ Content for first.

Getting Started

To create A+ Content, you must be approved as a brand owner with the Amazon Brand Registry. Your A+ Content will appear below the fold on the Amazon product detail page, under a section called From the Manufacturer if you are a retail vendor. If you are a Brand Registered Amazon seller, the content will appear in the Product Description area of the page.

If you are approved for A+ Content, download our free checklist to make sure that the content you create meets Amazon’s guidelines. We’ve included common reasons that A+ content is not approved so you know what to look for before submitting your content for approval.

A+ Content can improve your product advertising performance, boost sales and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. It can also reduce returns and negative reviews. There is no fee for adding A+ Content to your listing, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative and really showcase your brand! Download the checklist to learn what to do and what to avoid when creating your content.