Product Research Tool

In a recent study, we discovered that 67% of Amazon merchants research competitive and market data on the marketplace more than once before deciding to stock a new item. eComSpy facilitates this process by providing a detailed report with the details sellers need to understand their competition.

You can quickly gather competitive data about products that you are considering sourcing or restocking with eComSpy. Simply upload a .CSV file (we even give you a template!) with ASINs, EANs or UPCs as well as cost data. Your eComSpy report will include information about product rank, Amazon fees, whether or not Amazon is a seller, potential profitability data and much more.


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eComSpy can help you make smarter purchasing decisions by providing the details you need without the hours of research that typically go into gathering this type of competitive data. There are no contacts; simply purchase credits to use as needed. Get started today with 100 free credits!