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"I love using MarketScout™ for wholesale sourcing research. Results spreadsheets are delivered quickly with all of the information that I need to make informed inventory buying decisions." - Cara Goodman, Elanascent

Search Thousands of ASINs in Minutes

Don’t waste time spending hours conducting manual Amazon product research. Within minutes, MarketScout provides the FBA data sellers need, including:

  • ASIN
  • Item title
  • Model number
  • Manufacturer
  • Amazon product sales rank
  • Category
  • Number of sellers
  • Lowest price
  • FBA fees
  • Lowest margin
  • Unit weight
  • Profit calculations
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MarketScout Pricing

Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to conduct Amazon product research at any time.

Pay As You Go

as low as
$0.003 per ASIN
No monthly commitment. No credit card required.
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Find Profitable FBA Items to Sell

MarketScout shows how Amazon fees will impact the profit margin for each item. Calculate your profit potential with:

  • Lowest overall price
  • Lowest FBA price
  • FBA fees
  • Lowest commission
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Get Competitive Intelligence

Get an inside look at who is selling what and how items are performing on the Amazon marketplace. MarketScout provides the data to help you make informed decisions and get a leg up on the competition.

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Save Time on FBA Research

Upload your list of UPCs or ASINs with cost data to our Amazon research tool, and choose whether to search for new or used items. You’ll get fast and accurate intelligence on FBA items before you add them to your inventory.

Why Amazon Sellers Love MarketScout:

Five star rating for MarketScout by Fernando Lulli

MarketScout is a fantastic tool. It’s easy to use, and you can put it into practice immediately. Basically, I use it for reconnaissance. You really can’t look up 10,000 or 30,000 SKUs manually. It’s hard to do even ten. But it all comes down to your strategy. The data is as useful as your strategy is effective.

MarketScout favicon Fernando Lulli, FBA Seller

Five star rating for MarketScout by Eliana

We couldn’t believe that we had never known about it [MarketScout] before. It saves us so much work, because I did it all—working through the products and taking each item one by one and pasting into that search bar. It would take hours and weeks to go through catalogs because it’s just too much work. The first time we did it on MarketScout and five minutes later it was all done, my husband said, ‘Oh my, this will make our lives much easier!'

MarketScout favicon Eliana, Amazon Seller

Five star rating for MarketScout by Cara Goodman

Your Customer Support (in particular, support from Joanna L) is consistently outstanding! On several occasions, she went out of her way to make sure that my requests were taken care of. She is knowledgeable, generous, and considerate. This speaks volumes for the way that your company values and treats your customers. As a loyal customer, I thank you!

MarketScout favicon Cara Goodman, Elanascent

No monthly commitment. No credit card required.

Unrivaled Customer Success Team

Our Amazon experts are highly skilled in helping you grow your business. We love Amazon sellers, and sellers love working with us! Just ask the sellers who have been with us for over 13 years, since we started in 2007.

MarketScout customer success team
MarketScout customer success team
MarketScout customer success team
MarketScout customer success team


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