eComEngine Editorial Guidelines for Writers

All content submitted to eComEngine should be original and ready for publication. Feel free to use a personal tone in your writing. The article should be informative and focused on educating our audience. Keep self-promotion to a minimum.

  • Guest articles should be at least 750 words.
  • If images are provided, attach them to your email as individual PNG or JPG files.
  • Submit the writer's name, bio, and headshot along with the article for the author byline. You may also use your company name/logo, but please indicate this.

Limit external links (ideally no more than three) and avoid including any links in the introduction when possible. All links need to be HTTPS and should provide value to the reader. The link must go to an original source if attributing source material or research. All links should have descriptive anchor text. eComEngine does not accept external affiliate links.

After writing the first draft, please go back through and simplify your sentence structure. We would rather have two succinct sentences instead of one lengthy, confusing sentence. Avoid using the same word twice in the same sentence (with exception of inconsequential words like of, the, an, and, etc).


  • When listing multiple items in a sentence, use a comma before the conjunction / last item in the list (use the Oxford comma).
  • Please only use one space after a period that ends a sentence.
  • Place punctuation within quotation marks, even in lists.
  • Numbers less than 10 should be spelled out.

Word Style Preferences

These are our preferred ways to write the following words:

      • eCommerce
      • eBook
      • Internet
      • Round table
      • Repricing
      • Private label
Ellen Sipp-Paris
      • Buy Box
      • Chris’
      • Pay per click (no hyphen)
      • Out of stock
      • In-stock
      • Third-party when used as an adjective

Thank you for contributing to our blog! We appreciate the opportunity to share your expertise with our audience of Amazon sellers.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Sipp-Paris.