Product Reviews on Amazon: 9 Strategies for Sellers

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Product reviews on Amazon - 9 Strategies.

Note: Enrollment in the Amazon Vine program has been temporarily disabled as Amazon focuses on delivering high-demand products due to COVID-19.

Product reviews are crucial to your success on the Amazon marketplace. Why? They impact your visibility on Amazon, they affect your ability to advertise, and they provide social proof. The bottom line is, the more reviews you have, and the more recent, the better. But how do you get reviews?

Get Product Reviews on Amazon: The Challenges

Getting verified product reviews can be tough, no matter where you are in your product journey. Reviews are always a hot topic, but it can be hard to decipher what you actually need to know to ask for reviews the right way.

In this guide, we share some of the main challenges sellers are facing, such as:

  • Buyers don't know how or where to leave product reviews.
  • Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) can be confusing.
  • There are sellers using black hat tactics making it difficult for honest sellers to shine.

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Amazon Compliance

There are very specific rules sellers need to follow in order to obtain customer reviews on Amazon. There are a lot of black hat tactics that are risky and may work in the short term, but will only lead to suspension.

Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS) can be confusing and frequently changes, but it is extremely important that sellers follow the rules. To keep your Amazon store in good standing, you should only use TOS compliant strategies to get reviews. We've provided a helpful overview of what you need to know about nine popular methods to get reviews, including Amazon programs such as Vine for third-party sellers.

Proven Product Review Strategies

There are many ways to get more product reviews and some strategies are better than others. Much of that depends on what your business goals are and where you are in the product journey. This guide summarizes the pros and cons of nine different ways to get verified product reviews on Amazon. The best part is, you can start implementing most of these ideas in your business today. 

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