Amazon Product Review Seller Survey

Learn how 625 Amazon sellers use product reviews to inform their business decisions.

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amazon-product-review-surveyAmazon product reviews can really impact your bottom line.

After all, these ratings affect your product’s positioning in organic search results on Amazon. Buyers also rely on product reviews to make informed decisions while shopping online. Not having enough reviews or having several negative ratings can make a buyer’s confidence in your product plummet. (If you need more reviews for your products, check out our free guide to learn how to get more reviews.)

On the other hand, reviews can provide much-needed social proof to convert a shopper into a buyer. These ratings can also open your eyes to product improvements, help you make smart stocking decisions, and much more. When Amazon customers leave their review for your product, they are giving you the kind of information that you might not be able to find after months of market research. The important thing is to make sure you’re listening!

The team at eComEngine surveyed more than 600 Amazon sellers to learn how they use information from product reviews in their businesses. Our goal was to answer the following questions:

  • What percentage of Amazon sellers use product review information?
  • How do sellers utilize this information?
  • How often do sellers check their Amazon product reviews?
  • What process do merchants use to track product reviews?

A total of 625 merchants participated in the study. The findings revealed that 75% of Amazon sellers use product review information in their business. Learn how this data informs business decisions in the free downloadable report. Fill out the form to get your copy today!