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Amazon product reviews seller survey resultsAmazon product reviews are essential for shoppers, sellers, and Amazon itself. In fact, our survey found that a whopping 84% of Amazon sellers feel that reviews are extremely or very important to their Amazon business.

One of the downsides of eCommerce is the inability to physically evaluate products. Amazon reviews give buyers real insights from other customers, instilling trust and influencing purchase decisions. Amazon benefits from reviews because they offer a way to ensure that customers are getting what they expected. Amazon's continued commitment to the customer experience is key to its success, and to the success of Amazon sellers.

Amazon product reviews impact how a product ranks in organic search results on Amazon. In addition, they provide invaluable insights for sellers. Reviews can help identify new features or variations customers are interested in or highlight the need for an update to your Amazon listing page. Some Amazon advertising programs are only available for products that have certain average review ratings. 

Monitoring competitor reviews is a smart way to identify market gaps and improve products. Our survey found that 41% of sellers monitor competitive ASINs, while 89% monitor their own ASINs.

The team at eComEngine surveyed more than 200 Amazon sellers to learn how they get Amazon product reviews for their businesses. Our goal was to answer the following questions:

  • How do sellers get Amazon product reviews?
  • Do more sellers use Buyer-Seller Messaging or the Amazon Request a Review message?
  • What percentage of sellers monitor their own ASINs?
  • How many reviews do Amazon sellers receive per month, on average?
  • What are the top review-related challenges sellers face?

A total of 207 merchants participated in the study. The findings revealed that 74% of sellers check their Amazon reviews at least once a week. Learn how sellers get and monitor Amazon product reviews in this free downloadable infographic. Fill out the form to get your copy today! You don't want to miss these valuable Amazon seller insights.