The Tools You Need When Expanding Internationally on Amazon

by Matthew McAuliff

Sherry was traveling to India to visit her friend Anjali. Sherry is a decent cook and told Anjali she wanted to learn about Indian cooking while she was there. As she and Anjali began to cook, Sherry used some of her favorite knives that she had brought with her to chop the vegetables.

Suddenly, Anjali grabbed a coconut and beat it against the counter with great fervor. She took the broken half of a coconut off the floor and told Sherry to grate it. Sherry grabbed one of her knives and tried to scrape out some pieces, but was having a lot of trouble. Anjali looked over, gave a quick laugh, handed Sherry a strange contraption, and then said, “Here, this will be easier.”

If you’ve decided to expand your operations internationally on Amazon, you may find that some of your old tools work great, like Sherry’s knives on the vegetables. But sometimes there is a better fit.

Expanding Internationally on Amazon

Selling your products on international sites like,, or even is much easier than you’d think. Amazon has long encouraged its trusted sellers to take up the opportunity to meet market demands in other countries. They have a detailed overview online to help you think about all the important issues before you begin.

As you examine your opportunities, one key point to remember is which tools you’ll be able to continue to use, and which ones you’ll have to adapt to.

Can I Still Use FBA in an International Market?

This is the key question for most Amazon sellers thinking of selling internationally. Outside of the US, Amazon offers FBA for Canada, UK, Europe (Germany, France, Italy), Japan, China, and India. However, you will need to register a separate account for each international market that you want to enter. Click here for more information about international FBA.

Tools That Work Across Amazon’s International Sites

Outside of FBA, there are several other important tools to consider.

Feedback – Your favorite feedback management tool, FeedbackFive, has you covered internationally. Generating positive feedback in a new market is critical to establishing your reputation and showing that you are an exceptional seller.

Promotions – If you regularly use Amazon’s promotional tools to draw extra attention to your products, this functionality is also available in international markets.

New Tools You’ll Need to Learn

Payment Processing – With all the regulations and paperwork required, setting up bank accounts in your new markets really isn’t conceivable. That’s where World First comes in. They are built for online sellers and will help you set up a receiving account to make payment processing easier. You can also use World First to pay suppliers based internationally.

Pricing – Most Amazon pricing software does include the ability to price in multiple currencies, but it often takes more than just a conversion tool to keep you competitive and profitable. Make sure your tool is tightly integrated with the markets you want to expand to.

Customs – Anyone involved in international shipping knows there are a lot of extra complexities when it comes to getting items into a new country. Check with your existing shipping providers to see if they have experience, and consider finding someone else if they don’t. You may also need to establish a relationship with a broker or freight forwarder.

Taxes and Regulations – There are often extra taxes you need to be aware of in other countries, such as VAT. Make sure your accounting software is capable of handling these extras, and that you have someone knowledgeable advising you.

Using the Right Tool

Being a successful international seller means that sometimes you need to adjust the tools you are working with, just like Sherry did. Some of your tools will work just fine, but others will take some time to get used to. International markets provide Amazon sellers with amazing opportunities to grow their businesses, but trying to carve out a coconut with a paring knife is just going to leave you frustrated and hungry.

Contact our team for detailed information about how our tools are set up to function internationally!

Originally published on December 30, 2014, updated July 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.