Prosper 2018 - Sellers and Thought Leaders and Vegas, Oh My!

by Liz Fickenscher

In March, a sizable team from eComEngine attended the 2018 Prosper Show. By sizable, I mean nine of us. I'll give you the full roster in a moment, but I'll tell you that at no point did we feel overstaffed. Why? Because there were a lot of sellers there looking to learn about the exhibitors, attend the informational sessions and network with their peers. According the the Prosper Show website, this year's conference had 1900 attendees, 105 exhibitor booths, 33 speakers and 12 ex-Amazonians. That's quite a crowd! I'm going to attempt to recap the event so you can decide if you want to attend next year.

Hint: you probably, definitely will ;)

eComEngine Goes to Vegas

Director of Marketing Paul Rice, Business Development Manager Colleen Quattlebaum and I got to Las Vegas a day early so that we could attend the Just One Dime Summit at Hard Rock and set up eComEngine's booth at Prosper. Just One Dime was very well attended, and it was good to see what Seth Kniep, successful seller, coach and entrepreneur, and his and team, have accomplished with that event. Louis Mizzell and Joe Hyatt, our FeedbackFive and RestockPro Product Managers (respectively) arrived and we headed over to the Las Vegas Convention Center to set up. After setting up our booth, Louis and I strolled over to the Mirage to meet with our friends from Ungate Me Guru to talk shop and about all there was to see at ASD Market Week. By dinner, the rest of our team had arrived, including FeedbackFive Product Analyst Joe Powell, Director of Product Ken Furlong, Director of Customer Success Suzanne Smith and Product Manager Laura Pugliese.

The Prosper Show

James Thomson, Joseph Hansen and a team of thought leaders created the Prosper Show to be the premiere conference for sellers on the Amazon marketplace. The event includes workshops and seminars geared toward solving common seller pain points and offering insights into areas that help expand a seller's mindset and business strategy. Education is the main focus, followed by networking opportunities that aren't really available at any other industry conference.

This year's event was the 3rd annual Prosper Show, and the thoughtful organizers gave attendees an app that helped sellers connect with each other and with vendors. It made a large show seem a lot more personal. We had many 1x1 meetings that were scheduled through the app - both with current customers of ours and other sellers who were interested in our tools and wanted a demo. We're always happy to oblige! We had a lot of interest in our tools and gave away Echo Dots to folks who signed up for FeedbackFive or RestockPro at our booth. We gave away quite a few Echo Dots!

Educational Sessions

On March 12th there were six workshops available to early bird attendees that would let them really dig down and learn from eCommerce professionals. March 13th was the actual kickoff, and that day there were 8 informational sessions, in addition to the kickoff, keynote speaker Michael Gerber, the lunch/networking session and an end of day networking event. Needless to say, it was a very full day. Some of our team attended sessions, others walked the floor and still others engaged in conversation with sellers at our booth. We had so many awesome conversations with so many of you. That's really what it was about for us.

Day 2 had several more informational sessions, including the two I attended. I checked out "What You Need to Know About Product Compliance and Liability to Protect Your Business" featuring Rachel Greer from Cascadia and Lori Jurans from Expense Defense by WELL Insurance. They talked about how to mitigate your risks as an Amazon seller. Rachel discussed the compliance side, and Lori shared the seller and insurance expert perspective. It was great! I also attended "How Private Label Sellers Protect Their IP Rights Where Their Factories Are Located," presented by CJ Rosenbaum from Amazon Famularo, PC. They're the firm behind Amazon Sellers' Lawyer and CJ gave some great information about how to use intellectual property, location and more to make sure the goods you ship are the quality you expect. Day 2 also gave us many more opportunities to talk to sellers and visit with other folks in the industry.


The sheer amount of educational resources and networking opportunities make the Prosper Show a must-do when you're planning your travel for the year. Keep an eye on our events page for an announcement of the 2019 date, and we'll see you there!

Originally published on May 11, 2018, updated February 25, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.