Product Reviews Fuel Outdoor Adventures

by Liz Fickenscher

Outdoor enthusiasts tend to acquire quite a bit of gear. Bikes, skis, kayaks, surfboards, standup paddle boards and the like all need to be stored properly to keep them in good condition for the next adventure. In 2009, mechanical engineer Josh Gordon built a website called StoreYourBoard to begin selling specially designed solutions for outdoor gear storage. As sales grew, he began adding strategic channels such as the Amazon marketplace. Today the company sells gear storage products in the United States, as well as Canada. We recently sat down with Josh's business partner, Andrew Mavraganis. A former corporate attorney (and high school classmate of Josh) and now Vice President of Operations at StoreYourBoard, Mavraganis talked with us about how the company uses FeedbackFive.

Alerts Inspire Change

Customer input often leads to product improvements. For example, Mavraganis shared a story about a wall rack the company created that was adopted from one of their other popular designs. “People do have valuable things to say, and if that’s the case we try to incorporate that into our products,” he said. By carefully monitoring product reviews, he was quickly notified that the recently launched product needed modifications to fit wall studs more effectively. FeedbackFive makes it easy for Andrew to monitor product reviews, as well as seller feedback ratings. While seeing positive feedback and reviews is always a nice boost, those can be viewed at any time. Andrew’s main concern is getting the knowledge of any issues right away so he can work to resolve them and make the experience right for his customers.


Communicate to Your Advantage

FeedbackFive has given StoreYourBoard an edge in a competitive marketplace by providing an easy way for buyers to contact sellers. The company has a great strategy for using the tools within FeedbackFive to communicate with clients. “You’ve created a channel of customer contact," Mavraganis said. "If you’re going to use it, you should be thinking about and preparing to have a system for responding to your customers and communicating with them in a professional way.” For any Amazon store, but especially a private-label brand like StoreYourBoard, product reviews are important. “Having a better product review percentage... and a good customer feedback loop that you utilize and then engage with customers that way is an advantage over other sellers," Mavraganis said. "Just providing information to your customers and having that ability is going to be an advantage.”

Review Success

Recently the team at StoreYourBoard realized that they had competitors with a similar design to one of their products. When they became aware of this, their product was behind the competitor products in terms of overall reviews. They watched closely, and over a period of time the product review requests they sent with FeedbackFive helped them gain the advantage. In fact, their product gained a significant lead in reviews over all competitor products. "As our product review rank goes up, that contributes directly to being ahead in number of reviews, and then we’re in a better position for that product,” Mavraganis said.

Product Review Management and More

Did you know that you can track and monitor product reviews with FeedbackFive? Simply upload your ASINs to get started and access powerful product review analytics.

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Originally published on March 22, 2017, updated June 17, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.