Product Reviews Boost Eco-Friendly Company's Sales

by Becky Trowbridge, on May 25, 2017

If you’ve ever searched for eco-friendly tableware for a large event such a wedding or conference, you may have found Transitions2earth™. The company provides earth friendly cutlery, utensils and serving ware.

Transitions2earth began selling products on the Amazon marketplace in 2009. Their private-label products are sold through both a Seller Central account and an Amazon Vendor Express account.

We recently got the opportunity to speak with Ammi Borenstein, CEO, about how Transitions2earth uses FeedbackFive to manage feedback and reviews.

Product Reviews Fuel Sales

Transitions2earth actively solicits product reviews with FeedbackFive. Because the company only sells private-label products, product reviews are essential to its success, with a noticeable impact on sales.

“We truly regard product reviews almost as good as a form of currency. The more we have on any given products, the more we see sales continue to grow," Borenstein said. "The ones that have a much lower overall number of reviews are actually quite challenging to move until we get to that level of reviews. We really see reviews creating velocity for us.”

Rapid Response

Borenstein has found FeedbackFive to be very helpful for his business. “Our reviews just kind of bumped along, and then when we signed up [for FeedbackFive] the reviews just went straight up,” he said.

Borenstein subscribes to FeedbackFive's daily dashboard email. He noted that he has received a few notices for a bad feedback. In each of those circumstances, he was able to work with the buyer to resolve the situation by immediately reaching out after receiving the FeedbackFive notification.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Unpleasant experiences are sometimes out of a merchant’s control, but they can certainly lead to frustrated customers and bad reviews. That was the case once for Transitions2earth when a buyer's order arrived damaged after shipment. The customer left negative seller feedback, and Borenstein received an alert from FeedbackFive.

“They couldn’t believe that within minutes, I was already replying and saying, ‘What can we do to make this right?’ And they revised from a 2 to a 5. They not only gave positive feedback but then also went ahead and put a review to say, ‘Not only is this product great, but the customer service is unlike anyone else,’” Borenstein said. By responding to negative feedback immediately, he was able to help resolve a difficult situation and differentiate his brand.

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