Why Negative Product Reviews are Good for Your Private Label Brand

by Rachel Hoover

If you sell a private brand on the Amazon marketplace, chances are that you're eager to get positive product reviews. But have you considered what to do about negative reviews?

Inevitably, there are going to be some buyers who leave negative ratings because they just don't like the item you're selling. However, other customers may leave negative reviews because they have tested the item and found real problems with it. While this can bring down your product's rating for now, in the long run it can actually be a good thing. If you have the right product review management plan, you can use those negative reviews to figure out which of your private label products are problematic and work to improve them.

Monitor Your Reviews

If you have already automated your product review requests with FeedbackFive, well done. Consistent review requests will boost your review numbers, and with luck, most of those reviews will be positive ones. However, those inevitable negative reviews can be managed with FeedbackFive, as well. Flexible product review management plans allow you to monitor your ASINs for both positive and negative reviews.

Tracking down reviews across different product pages can be time-consuming. FeedbackFive's Product Review Manager imports and organizes reviews for any ASINs you choose to track, displaying the ratings distribution in an at-a-glance dashboard. You can also choose to monitor reviews through the daily summary email, which shows an overview of your product review and seller feedback ratings. This allows you to easily track positive and negative reviews on all your products over days, weeks and months.


Short-Term: Take Action on Negative Reviews

Negative product reviews are displayed in FeedbackFive with a direct link to the review on Amazon so that you can easily click to sign into your Seller Central account and leave a comment on the review. While Amazon.com, Inc. ("Amazon") prohibits asking buyers to edit or remove a review, you can still comment to provide additional information, thank the buyer for his or her opinion and even offer to replace the item or issue a refund. This will make this particular customer happier and show others that you are a fair and ethical seller who provides good customer service.

Long-Term: Improve Your Product

If a certain product receives a lot of negative reviews or has an obvious problem, you may want to have an improved version made, or simply phase it out of your catalogue. While you're working on this transition, you can use FeedbackFive's SKU exclusion feature to stop soliciting reviews for that item. This keeps your email strategy efficient and lessens the hassle of monitoring negative reviews on a product you already know is problematic.

You can export all product review data to a CSV file to quickly read through all of the reviews. This allows you to find consistent messaging that might indicate when a product improvement needs to be made.

Read And Don't Weep

Although it might be counter-intuitive, negative reviews actually help you as a private label seller. If you take the time to read the comments rather than simply look at the low-star ratings, you can see why buyers are unhappy and what you might do to address the cause. Take the comments to heart, and do your best to improve the item so that you and your buyers can be satisfied. Over time, you'll see a "flywheel" effect as your positive reviews increase, leading to increased sales, which lead to increased reviews.

Negative product reviews are an invaluable source of information. If handled with the right tools and a customer-centric spirit, they can lead to a flourishing store and a successful private label brand.

Originally published on November 7, 2017, updated July 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.