How to Measure the Effectiveness of Emails

by Jeanne Croteau

How many emails do you send in a day? If you’re like most people, that number is probably a lot. When you think about it, the tone of your messages largely depends on who will be reading it. Something that is appropriate for your friends is probably going to be different from what you send to a coworker.

When you’re reaching out to customers, therefore, it is extremely important to adopt an approach that will not only maintain a level of professionalism but also include a personal touch. This can be a hard balance to strike, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Once you’ve crafted your campaign, how can you know if your emails are effective? After some trial and error along with a little testing, there are a couple ways that you can measure whether you’re getting your message across – open rates and ratings. Let’s discuss both of these topics in more depth.

Are Your Emails Being Opened?

You can’t make any type of impression if people aren’t seeing your message, so it’s important to know whether your customers are even opening your emails. Understanding this dynamic will give you a good idea of whether a specific campaign is effective, especially when compared to others you’ve created. If you're seeing a low open rate, experiment with your subject line to help make your message stand out.

Many factors will impact whether a customer chooses to read your email, but we do know that customization is important. For example, asking a question, using emojis or including the right details in the subject line will make a huge difference depending on your audience. You will also want to choose the right time to launch your campaign.

It is a lot to think about, but fortunately FeedbackFive can help you personalize your emails in minutes.

The Power of Positive Feedback or Reviews

We all want to be liked, but as an Amazon seller, you cannot overestimate the importance of positive feedback or reviews. This is how you can set yourself apart from the competition and attract more potential buyers. In the online retail industry, your reputation truly matters.

In fact, if you want to determine whether your email campaigns are effective, this is the bottom-line performance indicator. Tracking open rates is good, but translating those into positive feedback and reviews is the real goal. Monitoring and measuring the trends of your emails sent can help you get a clearer understanding of which messaging is working well and what might need some work.

How FeedbackFive Can Help

As an entrepreneur, you know that being consistent is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It can be difficult, however, to keep track of everything, especially in the fast-paced online environment.

Reputation is everything. The sellers with the most positive feedback tend to be the most successful. A strong seller performance metric can help you win the Buy Box more often while staying one step ahead of your competitors.

FeedbackFive allows you to automate your feedback solicitation so that you are always sending the right message at the right time – every time. Within seconds of signing up, you’ll be able to customize email campaigns based on your needs. You can even use shortcut tags to include product images, the product name and more in your customized messages. This makes it more inviting and easier for the buyer to leave feedback. Including links to your seller profile and/or the product that was purchased is another way you can easily customize your message to encourage customers to leave ratings. Consider sending SKU-specific emails or excluding certain SKUs from feedback requests as needed.

You should have a process in place that helps you monitor which email campaigns/products are getting the best ratings. FeedbackFive provides detailed information about of the feedback you’ve collected on the “My Feedback” page, with plenty of filters to help you find the data that matters most to you. You can easily sort by SKU, rating, feedback date and more!

Most Amazon buyers skip the option of leaving feedback, unless they have a negative experience. This means that you could end up with more unfavorable ratings than you deserve. Why leave this important aspect of business management to chance? Take charge of the situation by making reputation management a priority.

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Originally published on April 24, 2018, updated April 26, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.