15 Resources to Help You Grow Your Business

by Liz Fickenscher

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As a seller on the Amazon marketplace, you probably find yourself searching for answers to questions you never knew you'd be asking. From sales tax to international shipping logistics, our resources are here to help you find solutions. In this post we'll spotlight some of our favorite eCommerce resources and how they can help you grow your business.

Navigate the Amazon Marketplace with Ease

As the owner and lead consultant at Egility, Liz Adamson helps retailers maximize sales and profits on the Amazon marketplace. Liz has more than a decade of experience in developing, marketing and selling consumer goods. She has worked with Amazon sellers large and small since 2011.

Getting Your Account Reinstated After a Suspension

As an Amazon seller, an account suspension brings your business to a grinding halt and profits down to zero while your inventory lingers. Attorney CJ Rosenbaum specializes in helping Amazon merchants get their accounts reinstated after suspension. He also works with intellectual property violations, "used sold as new" complaints and more. All private seller information is protected under Attorney-Client Privilege.

Private-Label Branding for Success

The Cascadia Seller Solutions team offers solutions for merchants who need help building and protecting their brand on the Amazon marketplace. Cascadia assists sellers with all aspect of brand development and management from sourcing and product compliance to customer conversion. These former Amazonians understand what leads to an account suspension and how to prevent an account from being suspended. They’ll even provide on-site review of seller procedures and offer suggestions for process improvement.

Keep Your Account Healthy

As a former Amazonian, eCommerceChris knows what steps sellers need to take to keep their accounts healthy. He offers full account audits and advice to help merchants avoid account suspension, helps sellers take action on quality complaints, protect private-label listings and more. Get an account checkup to make sure your account remains in good standing.

The eCommerce Nurse Will See You Now

Struggling with product visibility? Are you maximizing your sales potential? Carina McLeod, also known as the eCommerce Nurse, is an Amazon Retail Specialist and eCommerce Consultant who can help you make the most of your business. As a former Amazonian, she has the knowledge and expertise to help both vendors and sellers successfully build their eCommerce businesses.

Find the Right Products to Sell

Conduct market research with a few simple clicks by uploading a list of ASINs, UPCs or SKUs to MarketScout, a tool from eComEngine that facilitates the sourcing process. It also makes it easy to see how products sellers are considering are performing on the Amazon marketplace.

Sales Channel Management

Marketplace Ninjas, founded by Wes Grudzien, helps sellers manage the Amazon sales channel from inventory forecasting to product returns and beyond. The company offers SEO and PPC optimization services to help sellers make the most of popular keywords and Amazon’s Sponsored Products program.

Build a Better Reputation

FeedbackFive is a reputation management tool from eComEngine that automates the feedback and product review solicitation process for Amazon merchants with customizable email campaigns that are professionally translated into major world languages and much more. Automatically requesting feedback at the right time helps sellers build stronger brands and increases their odds of winning the Buy Box.

Domestic and International Shipping Logistics

First Choice Shipping offers worldwide shipping and logistics solutions for Amazon sellers. Merchants can automatically track and manage shipments from a single dashboard. First Choice also offers customs brokerage, parcel & freight shipping, customs clearance, UK and Canadian warehousing services and more to take the headache out of shipping and logistics.

Speak the Language Like a Local

If you’ve ever sold products in a country with a different native language than your own, you’ve likely faced language barriers. Inwhatlanguage is a translation and localization technology company that offers cloud-based enterprise translation management tools and services. Expert translation and localization services are offered in more than 180 languages.

Crosslist Your Inventory on the eBay Marketplace

JoeLister lists and fulfills your Amazon inventory on the eBay marketplace in one click. This crosslisting service automatically fulfills your eBay orders via your Amazon account and keeps your item quantities in sync between the two sites.

Automate Retail Arbitrage

Want to simplify retail arbitrage? PriceYak is the original automation dropship arbitrage tool. Automate arbitrage listing creation, repricing and ordering for fast results.

Streamlined FBA Inventory Management

The powerful Restock Suggestions dashboard in RestockPro, a tool from eComEngine, provides the information FBA sellers need to make smart restocking decisions. RestockPro also allows merchants to create kits and purchase orders as well as create and track shipments.

Manage Returns with Ease

Managing the FBA returns process can be a major pain point for sellers. Tradeport offers a complete Amazon returns solution for FBA sellers with a returns depot, testing, resale, cloud-based reporting and much more.

Automating Your Sales Tax in Complicated States

Sales tax can be very complex, especially if you’re selling a large volume of items in a number of different states. TaxJar comes to the rescue by syncing sales data to make it easy to calculate sales tax. Merchants can finish their sales tax forms in minutes and even have the option to autofile their returns.

Find Expert Resources

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Originally published on December 27, 2016, updated August 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.