Digging For Gold

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on June 9, 2015

Everyone loves the idea of digging for gold, but very few actually do it.

The TV show Gold Rush on The Discovery Channel is one of the highest rated shows among young males. Watching men pour tons upon tons of dirt and soil through a sluice box to shake out enough gold to fit in a glass jar makes for good entertainment these days. Who knew?

Something about it appeals to our sense of eternal optimism and the value of hard work. We believe that there is something great out there available to those with enough brains, muscle, and capital. Fortunes are ready to be made, but only the truly dedicated will find them.

Despite its popularity on TV, gold mining is a field that few are able to get into, mostly because of the extremely high start-up costs. The land and equipment all come with astronomical price tags. Yet, those with the experience and funds are compelled to continue mining because they see opportunities others can’t. They know where to look and where to invest their time. And they also know that part of the secret to success is going through more dirt and soil than the other guys.

Your Mining Site

You may have a similar feeling when you get a large electronic catalog from a supplier. You ignore most of it simply because you don’t have much time, but a large part of you knows there are some big gold nuggets just waiting to be found in there. It’s the kind of edge and intuition that makes you a great product sourcer.

Thankfully, with a tool like MarketScout, you can move mountains of product UPCs through your own personal sluice box in a matter of minutes and come out with a few choice nuggets. MarketScout is designed to draw your attention to great opportunities and capitalize on opportunities others would miss. And because you can sift through tons of product UPCs in an instant, you are much more likely to find something of value.

SPY Batch Demo

The best part is that the tool is priced so reasonably that you don’t have to worry about renting expensive equipment to do the job. Our up-front, pay-as-you go pricing makes it easy to use some of the most sophisticated gold mining equipment in the world of eCommerce.

Give MarketScout a try today with a free trial and stop passing up on all that gold!