Free PPC Analytics Template for Amazon Sellers

Download a free PPC analytics template built by top Amazon seller Mina Elias of Trivium Group. 

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Mina Elias

Mina Elias is a multiple seven-figure seller in the supplement industry, an Amazon PPC expert, and founder of the PPC University and Trivium Group. Mina combines his passion for supplements, his background in chemical engineering, and his expertise in PPC to crush the competition on Amazon.

As an eComEngine partner, Mina is offering his Amazon PPC Analytics template to you! The PPC spreadsheet is pre-populated with formulas that allow you to:

  • Understand how to adjust your PPC spend to improve profit margin
  • Experiment with A/B testing your ads
  • Track performance for multiple brands
  • View trends over time

When you're testing an element of your ad, whether it's branding, conversion, pricing, or something else, you can track your changes in the Amazon PPC analytics spreadsheet to make it easier to analyze how the change impacted your click-through rate, profits, and more. This is an excellent tool to help you take your advertising strategy to the next level.

Watch this webinar to learn directly from Mina how you can use this PPC spreadsheet to improve your profitability. He also explains how to identify what's not working for your current Amazon advertising strategy. This handy spreadsheet can help you and your team pinpoint areas to improve.

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