Feedback Management Software: FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive is the leading SaaS feedback management tool for Amazon merchants. The cloud-based system enables Amazon sellers to monitor and manage their feedback score – providing users with the ability to set up personalized automatic feedback solicitations. FeedbackFive can help increase the overall number of five-star ratings from customers and makes it easy to request the removal of negative feedback.

How Does FeedbackFive Help Amazon Merchants?

As an Amazon merchant, building your feedback score takes time – especially considering more than 90% of Amazon customers fail to leave feedback. FeedbackFive was designed to help merchants take control of their Amazon reputation. With FeedbackFive, you can:

  • Boost productivity by freeing up time that was previously spent on manually tracking down and emailing individual customers
  • Proactively solicit your customers for feedback
  • Monitor negative and neutral feedback from customers
  • Send personalized emails to your customers, increasing the probability of a 5-star rating
  • Review key data and identify trends

How Does FeedbackFive Work?

FeedbackFive is completely cloud-based, meaning there is no software to install or maintain. With our system, feedback management is no longer a time consuming, frustrating process. Instead, FeedbackFive simplifies it into three quick steps. Managing your Amazon reputation has never been easier.


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