Power Your Growth on Amazon

Increase your Amazon sales with Kickfurther and RestockPro. Kickfurther's unique funding platform allows you to produce and sell more inventory, before even paying for it. The same-day funding and flexible payment terms allow you to maximize every growth opportunity. 

RestockPro simplifies your FBA inventory management process, helps you forecast accurately, maximize profits, reduce FBA fees, and stay in stock without overstocking. Fuel your growth with the power of Kickfurther and RestockPro!

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FBA Inventory Management

Focus on profitability
Make informed restocking decisions with RestockPro. The software analyzes hundreds of data points to provide recommendations based on your business goals. Protect your profits by managing costs and streamlining operations with supplier management, SKU Profitability reports, and other features designed for FBA sellers.

Inventory Funding for Amazon Sellers

Don't pay until you sell
With Kickfurther, you are in control of your Amazon business. Get funding for your Amazon inventory at the best market rates.

Don't risk taking on debt or giving up equity. Simply pay back as you sell. You can customize a payment schedule based on your cash flow.

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Sell More Amazon Inventory Now

Kickfurther is offering a complimentary 30-minute consultation plus $500 off Kickfurther Pro for friends of eComEngine.