Send Official Amazon Review Requests with FeedbackFive

Your FeedbackFive campaigns can now trigger Amazon feedback and review requests using the same system behind the “Request a Review” button in Seller Central.

The new message is available for all FeedbackFive marketplaces. To start using it:

Activate any campaign you want with the new Amazon Feedback and Review Request template in FeedbackFive!


We're excited to offer this feature that makes it easy for you to send 100% TOS compliant requests directly from Amazon with all the benefits of FeedbackFive’s messaging automation features.

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I am a long-time happy customer of FeedbackFive and very glad that you folks stepped up to the plate with this new Amazon request a review feature. The benefit of your software vs. the chrome extension is the automation and campaign settings (think ASIN exclusions, time of day etc.) as well as your feedback and review reporting. Keep up your great work!"
Menachem F.

Ready to Get Started?

The new template is already in your FeedbackFive account, so all you need to do is log in and activate a campaign with the new template.