Timing Your Ask for Feedback Success

by Jeanne Croteau

Having great feedback is important to the success of your business. In fact, having a number of favorable reviews may not only increase the odds of a sales conversion, it may also help your products rank higher in Amazon’s algorithm. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t know how to get customers to share their positive experiences. If you’re among them, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

As with most things in life, timing is everything. Understanding how to send the right message at the right time takes finesse, but tools like FeedbackFive make requesting feedback so much easier. Let’s dig into this important topic and discuss the steps you can take to boost your conversion rates and online reputation.

Why Feedback Matters

Selling on Amazon is very competitive, so it’s crucial to find ways to stand out. One of the most effective strategies is to have a substantial amount of good feedback. This can help position your products higher within Amazon’s search results and makes them attractive to potential buyers.

When customers browse your detail page and follow through with a purchase, this increases your conversion rate, giving your sales velocity a boost. This combination of factors will automatically improve your ranking on Amazon, increasing brand recognition and reputation.

As if that wasn’t enough, when your overall seller performance health is solid, and you have positive feedback, it puts you in a better position to win the Buy Box — even if you raise your prices! You simply cannot overestimate the value of having consumer confidence.

Timing Your Feedback Email

When it comes to knowing when to send your email, it depends on the product. For regular products and normal use items, send your email a day or so after delivery. Including a link or download of any assembly instructions or extra information for consumers is a nice touch and can improve your customer’s overall experience.

Sending this initial email soon after an order is delivered is a good idea for two main reasons; it lets your customers know that you care about their experience and opens up a channel of communication. This is especially important if there was a problem with the order because buyers can contact you directly, allowing you to proactively address the issue and reduce the chances of receiving negative feedback.

When to Skip Solicitation

There are some situations when you will want to avoid sending solicitation requests entirely because feedback on these types of orders can actually be detrimental to your feedback score.

FeedbackFive offers an Auto Exclusions feature on the Pro plan or higher, which allows you to exclude specific kinds of orders from solicitation campaigns. You can automatically skip orders if the shipment was late or sent out of country, if the order was refunded or if you’ve noticed that a certain SKU has been problematic.

Automate Your Campaigns

Creating feedback request campaigns can be confusing and time-consuming, but FeedbackFive gives you the ability to quickly and easily create emails that are eye-catching, personalized and, best of all, automated. Once you set the campaign rules, the tool will do the rest!

With very little prep work, you’ll be able to send messages that are clear, concise and compliant (read more about the “Three Cs”), which can boost the effectiveness of your emails. The more well-crafted solicitation requests that you send, the more seller feedback and product reviews you’ll receive. It’s that easy.

Are you ready to end the guesswork? Send the right message at the right time — automatically — with FeedbackFive. Try it today!

Originally published on April 23, 2019, updated July 16, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.