Time To Upgrade? How FeedbackFive Grows With You

by Joanna Lupo

Meet Janet. Janet’s story will walk you through the different plan levels of FeedbackFive. She’ll show you how, as you grow your Amazon business, FeedbackFive can help you streamline your reputation management.

Janet loved crafting. She started with ceramics, then did her own stained glass, then found she had a knack for weaving. Janet would daydream at work thinking of new designs she could create.

However, crafting is not the cheapest hobby to get into. You need all sorts of tools and gadgets to support your love for creating beautiful things. Janet soon had drawers, then cabinets, then huge tubs full of her crafting paraphernalia.

One day, as she was cleaning out her supplies, she came across a lot of things she had never used. Instead of her usual garage sale, Janet thought she would try her hand at Amazon. She opened an account, listed a few products, and was shocked at how easy it was to make some money off of the stuff she had lying around.

As she was looking around Amazon, she saw many of the products she ordered regularly from her suppliers listed at a much higher price. Janet took a chance and ordered several of some popular products and was amazed at how quickly and easily she was able to turn a profit.

Time to Get Started

Janet then decided she would start selling in her spare time, so she researched some best practices for how to start. One of the factors many of the resources mentioned was keeping a great feedback score. Janet checked her own feedback, and noticed that only one person had given her a score, and her account didn’t have a rating yet.

Janet signed up for the Lite version of FeedbackFive which gave her 50 emails a month - more than enough for the time being, and chose a few more products to list. This free Lite version also included:

  • access to the email creation wizard
  • the ability to exclude certain orders from the email group
  • a feedback link that is embedded in the email
  • a user-friendly dashboard
  • an awesome customer service team

Time to Grow

Very quickly, Janet’s buyers were happy with the products she hand-picked and her feedback rating began to soar. Her one-time buyers became repeat buyers.

Janet felt like it was time to grow. Her sales had risen enough that she could afford to invest in her growing hobby. Since the feedback had been working so well to drive new and repeat sales, she decided to buy the FeedbackFive Basic plan. That came with all the great features the Lite plan had, but she now could send 250 emails per month. At $9.99, the plan easily fit in her monthly budget.

Time to Get Serious

Janet was right. So right, in fact, that she started to realize things had grown bigger than she could handle. Ordering, repackaging, and shipping had quickly taken up all of her free time. She still loved selling, but didn’t see how she could grow much more at this rate.

Janet decided to investigate being an FBA seller. Having someone else take care of all the fulfillment requirements sounded like a great idea. Now, all she had to worry about was maintaining a good relationship with her suppliers and shipping out large quantities to Amazon to keep her inventory in good shape.

Janet still wanted to keep her stellar rating up, and was worried about not being able to connect with her buyers once she made the transition to FBA. Because great feedback was how she built her business, she knew she wanted to maintain control of this area. She upgraded to the Standard plan. The Standard plan came with all the great features that Lite and Basic did, but included:

  • 750 emails per month
  • the ability to send feedback requests for FBA orders
  • the ability to exclude orders for certain SKUs

At $19.99 per month, the plan was well within her budget and she was able to manage feedback as an FBA seller.

Time to Get Professional

Then the day came that every seller dreams about. Janet quit her "day job" to focus all of her efforts on selling on Amazon. She was making more than enough money and enjoyed the work. As an FBA seller, Janet had cornered a large share of the Buy Box for many of her most popular items and was buying in quantities that continued to give her a nice margin.

Sales were taking off, and Janet realized that she had a full-fledged business. However, she wanted to keep the personal touch with her buyers at the heart of her business. She hired a graphic designer to create a logo and header for her emails.

Although she maintained a great rating, some bad feedback would come in every once in a while. Janet would always work to quickly resolve any issues, but hated seeing those low ratings on her account. Removing any negative feedback became important to her, and she wanted to know immediately when there was an issue.

Due to her growing needs, the decision to move to the Pro Account was easy. It had all the features of the Standard plan, plus:

  • 1500 emails per month
  • instant negative or neutral feedback alerts (via text or email)
  • custom email designer
  • the ability to view and track feedback within the tool
  • the option to add SKU-specific messages

And at only $29.99 per month, Janet was getting tons of value at a really low price.

Are You Like Janet?

Every seller on Amazon has a unique story, but all successful sellers know the importance of building and maintaining amazing feedback scores. Where are you in your journey? Is it time to create a foundation of great feedback? Is it time to grow? Is it time to get serious and consider FBA? Or is it time to consider yourself a professional and invest in the most important parts of your business?

Whatever the case, FeedbackFive is here to help you grow from stage to stage. We work with sellers across the spectrum and created custom plans for each group. Whenever you are ready to start or upgrade, investing in your feedback is always the smart play. Just ask Janet.

Originally published on August 26, 2015, updated May 23, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.