Requesting Feedback Removal from Amazon Just Got Easier

by Laura Pugliese, on July 27, 2017

September 2017 Update: We've noticed that Amazon has reverted the feedback removal workflow to the prior format. We will update this article if there are more changes to the feedback removal process., Inc. (“Amazon”) recently shared the updated process for requesting feedback removals from Amazon.

What Changed?

Prior to the implementation of the new process, sellers could request feedback removal from Amazon through the Contact Us page as well as via Seller Support associates. Effective July 27, 2017, merchants are required to use the Feedback Manager page in the Seller Central dashboard for all feedback communication with Amazon. The Feedback Manager page is part of an effort to streamline interactions between sellers and Amazon. It’s also intended to simplify the process of dealing with feedback that requires Amazon's attention.

What Do I Need to Know?

This policy change only relates to feedback interactions between sellers and Amazon. It does not impact the ability of merchants to contact their buyers by email regarding feedback. Sellers are now asked to funnel all feedback removal requests to Amazon via the Feedback Manager page.

When Does Amazon Remove Feedback?

You already know that maintaining a positive seller feedback score is essential to your success on the Amazon marketplace, but you might want a quick refresher on when you can request feedback removal. Amazon will remove feedback that violates their policies, including:

  • Feedback that includes personal/identifiable information
  • Reviews of products rather than the service received
  • Feedback that includes obscene language

If you receive feedback that violates one or more of these policies that is not automatically removed, contact Amazon through the Feedback Manager page. For feedback that doesn't qualify for removal by Amazon, sellers are encouraged to, “…contact the buyer individually to resolve the problem. After resolving the buyer’s concerns, you can ask him or her to remove the feedback from the website. However, please remember that pressuring a buyer to remove negative feedback is a violation of our policies.”

Get Negative Feedback Alerts

To receive text and/or email alerts for negative and neutral feedback, consider trying FeedbackFive's Pro-level plan (or above). Responding quickly to subpar feedback increases your likelihood of getting it removed. As always, you can stay up to date with the latest eCommerce news on our company Facebook page.