Why Product Images & Stars Help You Solicit More Reviews

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on June 15, 2016

So, you’ve decided to ask your customers to leave product reviews (in addition to seller feedback). As you likely know, product reviews have been shown to increase product visibility, deliver better results and boost customer trust.

FeedbackFive, the original feedback management software built by eComEngine for Amazon merchants, is proud to announce another innovative feature to help you get more product reviews. Users can now include images and stars in their product-specific email solicitations.

In this post, we’ll discuss why images can be valuable to your review solicitation process and how FeedbackFive simplifies the process.

Why Product Images Deliver Results

From viral videos to social media memes, our society has become increasingly visually oriented. Online shoppers rely on images to provide context and guidance when selecting products, so it makes sense that providing a product image in an email solicitation often increases results.

The Amazon marketplace includes product images in customer review solicitations (which, by the way, aren’t sent after every purchase). Seeing an image helps buyers remember exactly what they purchased and how they felt about it, making it more likely that they will write a product review. A customer who can’t quite remember what that scarf that he or she purchased for a coworker looks like likely won’t leave a review. An image can be just the nudge he or she needs to put the details together and realize that their coworker wears that scarf every day and it still looks great!

Adding Images to Your Solicitation Emails

Because you never know if the Amazon marketplace is going to send a product review request for an order, it helps to have a tool like FeedbackFive. We make it easy to add images to your email solicitations. In the email template wizard, simply check “Include Product Review Link?” under Order Information to quickly add the product image and review request link to your customized message.


A shortcut tag that you enable in the FeedbackFive template automatically populates the email with a product image based on the customer’s order number.


Your final email will include product review images and links to the product review page for each item in each customer’s individual order.

Optimize Results by Including Stars!

Another new option, available to Pro level and above, offers you the chance to add a product review link with a 5-star rating image to your message. You can access this feature in the Advanced Editor. Simply type [[ProductReviewLinkWithStars]] or choose “Product Review Link With Stars” from the form-fill list in the Advanced Editor to add the star image. The product image will be the same no matter what.


Get Started

You can begin adding images to your product review solicitations today. Simply log in to FeedbackFive and edit your campaigns!