Amazon Product Review Alerts: How to Stay in the Loop

by Colleen Quattlebaum

In today's social-media crazed world, a product could very possibly be in style today and out tomorrow.

To stay ahead of the curve and avoid making unwise restocking decisions, intelligent merchants continuously seek ways to monitor the products they offer.

In this post, we'll explain why FeedbackFive's product review alerting feature is so important to today's Amazon merchant.

Why Merchants are Increasingly Concerned About Reviews

Amazon sellers have long been focused on maintaining healthy feedback scores. The value of positive feedback is quite clear. An increased share of the Buy Box, fewer account run-ins with, Inc. ("Amazon") and an overall enhanced reputation are a few of the obvious benefits.

While feedback management offers a tangible return on investment (ROI), some merchants (especially those focused on traditional arbitrage and wholesaling) are less inclined to monitor Amazon product reviews. Few will dispute that reviews offer a wealth of insight into customer satisfaction. Some SKUs have thousands of candid reviews, packed full of detailed explanations of use, enhancement suggestions and even, in some cases, video footage. The question, however, is whether merchants can achieve quantifiable ROI from tracking such information.

Since launching our product review management feature for FeedbackFive, we've paid close attention to how merchants interact with review data. Of our many customers who track product reviews, some of the most common reasons for doing so include:

  • Identifying supplier-related issues
  • Determining which products to drop from inventory
  • Monitoring private-label items
  • Following competitor products
  • Avoiding linkages to sub-par products or brands

While historical review data is useful (and, by the way, available via FeedbackFive), real-time alerting of negative ratings is even more important in such situations. If every product you offered began to receive consistently poor customer reviews, your retail business would stand little chance of viability. Simply stated, you can't make money on products that people hate.

Before the majority sentiment turns negative, prudent merchants keep close watch on leading indicators. How do they achieve this? There are two potential paths.

Tracking Reviews: Two Paths

Unfortunately, your Amazon Seller Central dashboard offers few options for prompt review monitoring. Unless you enjoy clicking through each ASIN's listing on an hourly basis, you need a more efficient approach.

For this reason, we designed FeedbackFive's product review alert feature. Simply tell FeedbackFive which ASINs you want to keep an eye on, enable your alerts (email and/or text) and go back to work. Now, each time a negative review is submitted, you'll be notified on your smartphone or other web-enabled device.


It's that simple. No more frantic clicking from listing to listing. You can rest easy knowing that FeedbackFive has your back.

Making Better Decisions

Some sellers view this FeedbackFive feature the same as they would an insurance policy. It's there to protect what matters most (in this case, your inventory's reputation), but you hope to rarely (or never) see it being used. As any seller will tell you, however, there are always customers who just enjoy complaining. Even the best products get the occasional complainer.

As product complaints appear, it can be wise to develop workflows for dealing with issues. For example, if a customer review violates Amazon's policy, you may consider reporting it to Amazon. On the other hand, if reviews reveal issues relating to supplier or product quality, your team needs an efficient method for addressing such concerns with vendors and customers. Spend time mapping your strategy for organizing and resolving (if applicable) the alerts you receive.

To systematize such processes, some merchants opt for a daily email digest (rather than on-demand alerts). This approach offers the best of both worlds: a current, summarized list of negative reviews without creating unnecessary distractions.

It's important to note that as a seller, you are not permitted to ask customers to change or remove a review. So, before going much further, be sure to read Amazon's review policy for sellers.

The Info You Need, When You Need It

Whether you opt for real-time texts and emails or a daily digest, FeedbackFive offers the perfect monitoring solution for your Amazon business. Sign up for a free trial of FeedbackFive and start tracking your two free ASINs today. (You can always add more later!)

Originally published on December 5, 2016, updated July 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.