Why Mad Scientists Love FeedbackFive

by Colleen Quattlebaum, on March 15, 2016

Mad scientists get a bad rap. People think they spend all of their time plotting world domination through climate bubbles and sharks with lasers attached to their heads. But where would we be without the gifts of the flux capacitor and ecto goggles?

There is a little bit of mad scientist in every eCommerce seller. Each one has his own winning formula, stitched together from sourcing, stocking and shipping. On the Amazon marketplace, what separates the great sellers from the failures is the quality and success of their experiments. After all, Frankenstein’s monster wasn’t Dr. F’s first rodeo.

Take a peek into FeedbackFive’s Email Campaigns feature to see what Amazon sellers can concoct as they go about their mad work.

Get to Know Your Materials

One core feature of FeedbackFive is the Email Campaign. Email Campaigns have a variety of options and rules to make tinkering and experimenting a fascinating and user-friendly experience. In this feature, sellers can set up when the email goes out (based on order date, delivery date, date of another campaign or the date feedback was received), if an email goes to repeat buyers, emails specific to SKUs and a slew of other possibilities.



With each campaign, you choose an email template as well. Select from some of our beautiful layouts and carefully worded templates, or make your own.

Copying Campaigns

One feature that many users love is the ability to copy a campaign. Rather than having to create a new one from scratch every time, you can replicate any campaign with the click of a button.


This saves you lots of time and ensures consistent messaging. You can think of it like creating a giant army of modifiable orcs at your disposal.

Now that you have all your test tubes sciencey stuff figured out and in place, let’s get to some experiments!

Experiment 1: Change the Timing

You may sell some items that are consumed quickly, like a five-pound bag of chocolates. For these, you may want to request a product review within hours of delivery or else they may not remember how great they tasted.

However, if you are selling a treadmill, you may want to give the buyer a little more time to see how well the item has transitioned into a place to store laundry.

Experiment 2: Change the Messaging

You could experiment around with different messages for different SKUs. For example, you could use a template that says “Hope you are enjoying your recent purchase” for shoes and bikes. But you might want to think up a different message if you sell items that are medicinal or purely functional in nature.

Similarly, “Caught any big ones yet?” would be a great customized message for your line of fishing rods. But it may not be the message you want to send for your tick remover and mouse traps.

Experiment 3: Customize Based on Email Numbers

For one reason or another, you may choose not to send emails to certain customers. Maybe you’ve decided that some orders should only receive a certain number of emails. You can set a rule in your copied campaign to send emails if the number of previous emails is more than or less than a certain number. Like in the example below, you can choose to send the email if the number of previous emails for the order is more than two. There are other options so you can customize the amount of emails an order gets.


Experiment 4: Choose Not to (Or To) Contact Repeat Buyers

Additionally, you can choose not to send emails to repeat buyers after their order. Maybe they consistently leave feedback and product reviews and you don’t have reasons for emailing them. Or, you can send an email to thank customers for being repeat buyers. When you choose to send to repeat buyers only, you set a rule so the buyer will only receive an email after their second order with the seller. When you choose to send to repeat buyers once only, the buyer will receive an email after the second order, but for no orders after that. This allows you to control how you treat repeat buyers.


Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist

So go ahead, experiment around a bit and find your special formula for getting the best feedback and reviews. FeedbackFive has always been a proud supporter of mad scientists. We even offer free seasonal templates to customize your campaigns even more. Get started with the best tools available with a 14 day free trial!