FeedbackFive on That Kat Radio

by Jonathan Tombes

eCommerce speaker, educator and entrepreneur Kat Simpson featured FeedbackFive on her weekly Internet radio show on June 17. Simpson interviewed Jay Lagarde, president and founder of eComEngine, the parent company of FeedbackFive.

Lagarde answered a range of questions about feedback and FeedbackFive from Simpson, who hosts That Kat Radio on Mondays at 2:00 pm. The show is typically accompanied by a stream of chat-room text. This week’s chat included several lines of unsolicited praise for FeedbackFive.

Lagarde noted upfront that feedback is fundamental to eCommerce. “It allows for buyers to be comfortable, that they know who they are buying from, even though they’ve never done any business with them before,” he said.

Simpson pointed out that Amazon’s limits on buyer-seller interaction raises questions about whether sellers are even allowed to solicit feedback. “Not only does it not violate (Amazon) policy, it’s actually encouraged by Amazon, if you do it the right way,” Lagarde said.

Simpson’s own view on the wisdom of asking for feedback has evolved. “When I first started teaching eCommerce, my thought was, ‘Never, never, never solicit feedback, because you’re just stirring up a hornet’s nest,’” she said. Compared with those “old days,” however, she said that today feedback has become much more important, especially on Amazon. “It’s important to go after those happy buyers, so that those unhappy ones don’t make the numbers go so badly for you.”

Other topics raised during this Q&A were whether a do-it-yourself strategy made sense, whether FeedbackFive was better suited for big rather than small sellers, how the service addresses negative or neutral feedback, the value of personalizing feedback requests, feedback and FBA, and more.

Ad Hoc Endorsements

The show was the occasion for several spontaneous endorsements of FeedbackFive among the listening ­– and chatting – audience. Two noted its proactive benefits. “I hear from clients now more than ever. I can help them get things figured out that they are confused about,” wrote one (Darla KF). “FB Five has allowed me to head problems off before they become negative FB,” added another (Charlene). “It encourages people to contact first.”

Another participant shared her scorecard. “I started using FeedbackFive in Feb, and it’s been helping my feedback and ratings,” wrote another (Cindy H.) “My stats in Feb: 4.7 stars, 93%, 93%, 92%, 96%, 93 ratings, past 12 mo. My stats now, 4.8 stars, 100%, 96%, 97%, 96%, 113 ratings, past 12 mo.”

Simpson vouched for the authenticity of this feedback. “My audience is nothing if not opinionated,” she wrote in a follow-up email. “Trust me, if they hadn’t liked the product, you would have heard that, too.”

Originally published on June 21, 2013, updated March 14, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.