Amazon Feedback Request Software FAQs

by Colleen Quattlebaum

If you're thinking about automating your Amazon feedback solicitation process, you may have a few questions on your mind.

Is using a third-party software app a wise decision? How does it work? Will it actually help me increase positive feedback and reduce negative feedback? How much does feedback software cost - and, most importantly, how will I ensure a return on my investment?

In this post, we'll discuss questions commonly asked by merchants on the topic of Amazon feedback request software (in no particular order).

Will My Emails Be Sent Automatically?

Yes, that's the whole point! As you scale your Amazon business, manual feedback solicitation becomes untenable. A tool like FeedbackFive can lift the heavy burden of asking for feedback. Unlike manual solicitation, which requires you (or someone on your team) to click, copy, paste and send each feedback email, FeedbackFive queues everything up on your behalf. Simply define your preferred campaign rules, customize your email template(s) and watch FeedbackFive do the rest.

At any point, you can log in to FeedbackFive and see which orders will soon be solicited. Your busywork just got a whole lot less busy!

What Will My Emails Look Like?

Beautiful, of course. Let's be honest - if you're currently using the Amazon Buyer-Messaging service to solicit, you don't have many design options to pick from. Alternatively, FeedbackFive offers dozens of prebuilt, professionally designed email templates. Browse our collection of product and holiday-specific themes to communicate the perfect message for every situation. And you can even personalize email content by using our shortcut tag feature. Insert order number, order date, feedback link or countless other details (without lifting a finger).

If you're the creative type, you might consider our Pro-level plan, which unlocks the custom email designer. Upload your own graphics or HTML to achieve the email of your dreams.

Can I Exclude Certain Orders from Solicitation?

Yes, exclusion rules are easy to configure! Not every order is worth soliciting. Sometimes things just go wrong. Or you may have one SKU that seems to generate 90% of your negative ratings. It would certainly be unwise to ask for feedback in these situations. Luckily, FeedbackFive has you covered here, too. With our tool, sellers can set exclusion rules for:

  • Problematic SKUs
  • Geographic regions, i.e. "out of country"
  • Specific customers
  • Refunded orders
  • Cancelled orders
  • ....and several other situations

You can also manually exclude any order from solicitation. This is helpful when something slips through the cracks at the last minute.

How Do I Know if It's Working?

Just look at your analytics dashboard. At eComEngine, we realize that software is only as useful as the value it produces. For this reason, we've built FeedbackFive with a robust analytics dashboard, packed full of feedback and order trend data. View and filter key performance indicators, such as open rate and feedback conversions.

Manage Your Seller Reputation

If you're ready to automate the management of Amazon feedback requests, give FeedbackFive a try. We also offer a forever free plan, which allows you to test drive our software at no cost to you.

Go with the software that's helped merchants successfully manage their seller reputations since 2009. Get started today with FeedbackFive!

Originally published on May 9, 2017, updated July 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.