Amazon Feedback Automation Using FeedbackFive's Campaigns Feature

by Colleen Quattlebaum

Feedback is vital to virtually every seller on the Amazon marketplace. Getting more of it can noticeably increase your sales and profitability. However, a manual approach to solicitation and management (while better than nothing) can be time consuming and expensive.

FeedbackFive, a tool from eComEngine, has been used to successfully request millions of feedbacks since its creation in 2007. Merchants appreciate how the tool automates every aspect of the feedback management process.

In this post, we’ll offer tips for automating your feedback engine.

Build Solicitation Rules to Engage Customers

FeedbackFive allows you to send feedback solicitation emails according to your schedule. You can easily create custom email campaigns or use one of the free templates provided. The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to preview emails that are ready to be sent. You can decide whether you want to send them right away or schedule them for a future date.


Automating personalized solicitation emails makes following up with customers a breeze. You get the feedback you need, and they get the communication that lets them know you care about their experience. If you want to exclude particular orders from receiving solicitations, you can:

  • Create campaign rules to exclude certain types of orders, or
  • Individually exclude orders by the Amazon order number or the Amazon email address.

Be Alerted Automatically

Receive instant notification of negative feedback with email alerts. Prefer text messages? No problem. Simply choose your preferred settings in FeedbackFive’s Options. Whether you choose to get instant notification of any issues or prefer to receive a daily digest, getting feedback helps you improve your MFN or FBA business.

Responding to customer concerns helps you maintain strong connections with your customers. Building this relationship increases customer loyalty. Making improvements to your products or packaging based on customer feedback and reviews also makes your business better overall.

Streamline Negative Feedback Removal customers have the ability to remove their feedback within 60 days of the day the feedback is left. Feedback cannot be edited by buyers. If your customers have an issue with an item they received from you, the best step you can take as a seller is to resolve the problem as quickly and professionally as possible.

Sellers may ask buyers to remove feedback. Sellers may not, however, ask buyers to remove product reviews. FeedbackFive has a template for requesting feedback removal after the issue is resolved. It can be accessed on the Feedback page for any negative feedback. FeedbackFive makes it easy for you to become aware of any problems and take steps to solve them as quickly as possible.

Connect the Dots Between Feedback & ROI

Have you been searching for the missing link between feedback and increased return on investment? FeedbackFive is designed to fill that gap by streamlining every aspect of feedback solicitation, management and reporting. Get started with a free trial today!

Originally published on April 25, 2016, updated July 15, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.