Feedback Love: Sellers Share Their Favorite Ratings

by Becky Trowbridge, on February 9, 2018

Receiving an especially thoughtful comment from a happy customer can absolutely make your day. I know, because I was definitely smiling after receiving these wonderful seller feedback stories from FeedbackFive customers! I reached out to ask about favorite feedbacks because Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I wanted to showcase some great seller feedback on the blog. (Since customers are always in a hurry, I took the liberty of cleaning up any punctuation oversights in the feedbacks.)

Happy Customers

Glowing feedback can impact online sales for years to come. Building a great seller reputation helps merchants qualify for Amazon programs and shows potential buyers that others have had a good experience with the store, creating trust. These happy customers showed their appreciation by leaving positive feedback.

"We have had a large amount positive feedback and product reviews from customers since we started using FeedbackFive a few years ago. Some of these reviews are just wonderful to read. Customers absolutely LOVE the coffees we sell, and how we are a family run business roasting exceptional quality coffees with excellent customer service." -Cafe Don Pablo

CandlEssence received a wonderful review from a happy groom, including a photo of the candles in use at his wedding!

"My best seller feedback experience is the one we receive on a regular basis. It is when our customers write to me personally to say how happy they are about their fabric and what project they are going to use it for. There is excitement in their tone and a real sharing of their experience! Often we receive pictures of their finished project and some of them are published in our Gallery on our website. This is shared with my staff which gives them a sense of pride and enjoyment in what they do in our shop." -Sue's Creating Cottage

"WOW! That about sums it up! This is the most amazing seller! Super fast, super courteous. Seller always leaves a very nice, handwritten thank you note. Product is amazing, works perfectly, fits perfectly. I would definitely recommend this seller and this product to anyone." -Furniture Footies

Feedback Fun

Sometimes receiving seller feedback is just fun! These companies had great stories to share:

"Managing our feedback has been made so much easier with FeedbackFive! It’s allowed us to respond quickly to buyers as well as follow up with happy customers and ask for help in leaving feedback. Our ratings have gone up and we’ve improved communication with our customers which is a win/win for us!" -The Hair Bow Company

“…I have never witnessed anything like it!!! Suddenly, a tired group of 4 children (ages 7, 4 and 3) were so excited, enthusiastic, self-directed, group-minded and engaged in your game!!! One child would plant the treasure and they worked out their own way of arranging the Treasure Hunt with the game. In other words, they did not ask any of the adults for ANYTHING for two hours!!

They were sad to end the game when it was suddenly 7pm and definitely time to go home!

I will save the game I purchased as a Christmas gift, but I am looking forward to hearing the excited little voices again!” -GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game

"Two that we’ve loved so far over here @PunchdEnergy are:

  • Sometimes when I can’t get out of bed in the morning I’m glad that I stapled a pack of Punch’d Energy to my headboard.
  • I’m writing my breakup letter to Starbucks right now." -PunchdEnergy

Exceptional Customer Service

Amazon customers have high expectations, and these companies deliver! FeedbackFive makes it easy for them to connect with buyers and resolve any potential issues right away.

"Wow! What amazing customer service!!! I ordered a racket by accident- not only did they cancel immediately but made me realize I had no idea what kinda racket I needed!! After they picked my brain a bit they gave me a couple options that would suit me! Love Just Tennis." -Just Tennis

"I couldn't say that there was one feedback that I considered the best, as we already have thousands of positive feedback on all our Amazon marketplaces, but it feels even more rewarding when a customer appreciates the extra steps we take to ensure all goes well with his or her order.

Like this one, for example:

 -My London Souvenirs

"Fast turn around time. Great product. I have purchased 3 of these to convert a number of 1st gen Bose Soundocks to bluetooth. This combination product charges and plays through the Soundock 30 pin connector." -BMR Music Technology

"Dealing with AromaTech was great. Had some questions about the scent, and when it would arrive and they were prompt and courteous with their reply. Would recommend, and will be ordering more scents from them in the future. My room smells amazing!" -AromaTech

"Heart felt appreciation for Sumit pal singh from Tech Pugg for his invaluable help, who gave good after sales service, personally contacted & apologised for the delay in delivery, guaranteed original product would be delivered. Professional & courteous service provided by Tech Pugg." -Tech Pugg

“Great meter from great people! The service was better than I expected! This is by far the best moisture meter for the money! Don’t hesitate.” - Wagner Meters

"This a great company to do business with and I would recommend them to everyone. Everything was on time and just as described. I will use them again in the future. I give them a 10. Can't get any better than a 10." - Home Controls, Inc.

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