Boost Your Emails with Call-to-Action Buttons

by Becky Trowbridge

Did you know that people are 323% more likely to succeed at following directions when receiving text and illustrations rather than just text? By incorporating images into your emails to Amazon buyers, you can increase your likelihood of receiving seller feedback or product reviews.

FeedbackFive makes it easy to include product images with a link to your seller feedback or product review page in emails to buyers, which are sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging. We’ve also recently introduced a new call-to-action button feature that allows you to add another visual component to your messages.

It All Starts with Your Subject Line

Your fancy call-to-action button won’t do your Amazon business much good if buyers aren’t opening your emails. Experiment with your subject line and email timing to find out what works best for your specific business. You may find that a certain day of the week is best, or that buyers are more likely to open your email first thing in the morning.

You can compare different subject lines and other variations by using the “Send for Orders Ending in...” rule in FeedbackFive. Create a copy of your campaign, make your tweaks to the copy, and send one version to some numbers and the other version to the remaining numbers. At-a-glance open rate data makes comparing your campaigns simple.

Compare open rate

There are several variables you can test in your subject line. Do buyers open your emails more often when you include an emoji? Are they more likely to click on an email that includes the word “thanks” or the order number? Does including a bonus resource or information about the product in the subject line get more opens? How can you make your message valuable and helpful to the buyer?

Buttons Make Your Mission Clear

Have you ever received a long, rambling email from someone you don’t know? I bet you have, and I bet you deleted it. When you create your emails in FeedbackFive, keep in mind that you are communicating with real people who don’t know you personally. That means they probably want you to get to the point in your message.

Keeping your message concise and clear is important. Incorporating a call-to-action button at the end of your email can help increase the odds that you will receive seller feedback or a product review. This button makes it easy for the email recipient to act.


How to Add Buttons to Your FeedbackFive Templates

You can add a customizable call-to-action button in your FeedbackFive email templates using shortcut tags. (Learn more about shortcut tags in this help center article.) There are shortcut tag codes for feedback and product review buttons. Do not request more than one action (e.g. requesting feedback and a product review) in an email template, as this will cause clutter and potentially confusion for the buyer.

You can customize the words, text color and button color for your call-to-action button in the Shortcut Tag window in FeedbackFive. Make sure that, as always, you are following Amazon’s guidelines when requesting seller feedback or product reviews.

Make Your Call to Action Clear

FeedbackFive customers on the Pro and Enterprise plan levels can start incorporating call-to-action buttons in their email templates right away. If you want to try it out, you can sign up for a free trial here or upgrade from your Lite or Basic plan.

Originally published on September 25, 2018, updated August 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.