Ditch the Flowers...Give the Gift of Automation!

by Colleen Quattlebaum

It's hard to imagine life without your administrative assistant, Gloria.

She's worn a lot of different hats since you hired her back in 2015. For starters, she's your first line of defense when responding to customer questions or concerns. In addition, she manages everything that relates to suppliers, purchase orders and inbound shipments. And, she even maintains a tremendously useful spreadsheet, which you use to organize all of your FBA restocking activity.

In short, Gloria is a very valuable asset to your business. Lately, however, you've sensed growing frustration from Gloria. Expanding your product catalog has been good news for your bottom line, but you fear that it's also stressing Gloria out. She's already maxed out on hours, so how can she be expected to keep up?

With Administrative Professionals Day just around the corner on April 25th, I wanted to encourage you to consider an outside-the-box gift for Gloria. Ditch the flowers and candy this year, and instead give her the gift of automation!

Here are a few gift ideas that will make Gloria a happy camper.

FBA Restocking Automation

Although you appreciate Gloria's tenacity, you've long suspected that her FBA restocking spreadsheet isn't the best way of doing things. Granted, the spreadsheet has served its purpose. It's just time to take things to a whole new level.

As you begin to evaluate Amazon automation software, be sure to consider our RestockPro platform. RestockPro was designed specifically for FBA sellers like you. The software connects to your Amazon seller account, pulling in actual order and inventory data. In addition, you're able to manage an unlimited number of suppliers and purchase orders. RestockPro uses all of this data to prioritize your restocking activity, estimate your margins and simplify your decisions.

RestockPro also lets you add sub-users at varying permission levels, delivering full control over who can do what. After adding Gloria as a RestockPro user, she'll find herself doing less data entry and more of what she enjoys most: adding value to your business.

Amazon Review Tracking

In today's world of private labeling and bundling, it's hard to overlook the opportunity that such strategies represent. Unlike household brands, which can have countless sellers competing for the same Buy Box, private-label items can often provide better margins and long-term growth potential.

On the other hand, brand ownership does come with a few extra obligations. Case in point, monitoring review chatter. As the ASIN's owner, it's on your shoulders to ensure customers are highly satisfied with the product itself. That's exactly why Gloria checks dozens of product detail pages for new reviews each morning. Her process goes something like this:

  • Open the tracking spreadsheet
  • Click the hyperlink to visit the ASIN's detail page
  • Check for new reviews
  • Update the spreadsheet
  • Repeat until all ASINs have been updated
  • Send you a summary email

She spends approximately thirty minutes on this daily, which may not seem significant. Over the course of an entire work year, however, it translates into more than 120 hours of work. Now that's significant!

Save Gloria a ton of work (and yourself some money) by enabling FeedbackFive's review monitoring service. With FeedbackFive, you can efficiently track hundreds - or thousands - of ASINs for just a few cents per item.

Better yet, if customers leave negative reviews, FeedbackFive will alert you within moments of publication. No more waiting until Gloria's next update. Know within minutes, not hours!

Research Automation

Product sourcing is arguably one of the most important aspects of being a successful Amazon seller. That's why so much of Gloria's time is spent estimating the profitability of inventory buys. As we've already established, Gloria is a whiz when it comes to spreadsheets. Unfortunately, she can barely keep pace with all of your requests.

A tool like MarketScout might become Gloria's new best friend. Unlike her current workflow, which is heavily reliant on manual research and complex formulas, MarketScout takes the effort (and thinking) out of the equation. Gloria just needs a list of SKUs or ASINs and their associated cost data. Once uploaded, MarketScout returns a detailed report, packed full of in-depth cost, profit and competitive intelligence.

Even better, you only pay for MarketScout when you need it. No monthly subscriptions or annual commitments. Our affordable credit packages are budget-friendly and straightforward.

Show Gloria You Care

Make this Administrative Professionals Day a memorable one for Gloria. Give her the tools she needs to become even more efficient and effective.

To learn more about our software for Amazon sellers, click here.

Originally published on April 12, 2018, updated August 7, 2019

This post is accurate as of the date of publication. Some features and information may have changed due to product updates or Amazon policy changes.