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How Do You Remove Feedback on Amazon?

by Matthew McAuliff, on October 23, 2014

Do you know your options for removing Amazon feedback?

It’s every Amazon merchant’s nightmare. You log into your account and see that a customer has left you a scathing feedback. Not a great way to start the day.

Even worse is when that single feedback pushes your metrics into the danger zone. When your feedback score falls too low, not only do customers avoid you, but Amazon also takes note. If your performance metrics reach a certain point, Amazon may suspend or terminate your selling privileges.

Your long-term goal should be to establish a process around negative feedback management – making it less of a disruptive drama and more a regular part of your operations. However, if you’re dealing with a damaging feedback today, that advice is probably not very helpful to you.

In this post, we will introduce you to the two removal options that are available - and some tips for each path.

2 Options for Removing Amazon Feedback

Negative feedback happens. But when it arrives, don’t panic. Instead, approach it as you would any other serious challenge: with a plan, a willingness to act quickly and a resourceful, problem-solving outlook.

From the date a customer leaves feedback, Amazon allows for a 60-day window during which feedback can be removed. Therefore, it is critical to monitor your account and deal with negative feedback as soon as possible. Once that 60-day period is over, feedback can no longer be removed.

Once you have been alerted, you can take one of two approaches to getting rid of negative feedback.

Option 1: Removal by Amazon - Amazon will remove or strike-through feedback only if it meets certain criteria. Before requesting help from Amazon, double-check that your feedback complaint falls under one of the following categories.


Option 2: Removal by Customer - If your feedback complaint does not meet the requirements for removal by Amazon, the other option is to contact the customer and ask him or her to remove it. Again, keep in mind the 60-day deadline.

Of course, this option usually requires you to manually reach out to the customer and ask the customer to reconsider his or her rating. This can create a lot of work for you or your team.

To simplify Option 2, many Amazon merchants use FeedbackFive. Sign up for a free account, configure your preferred settings, and help automate the feedback removal solicitation process.


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