The Prosper Show is a great place to meet fellow industry folks, but it’s always amazing when you meet a group in Vegas that’s a short 90 minute drive away from our home office in Richmond, VA. That was the case with eComEngine and Ampersand Accounting, a full service sales tax compliance provider focusing on eCommerce professionals. On Monday, April 2nd, I drove over to Staunton, Virginia to meet with Peter Mantell, Ampersand Accounting’s Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder.

Introducing Ampersand Accounting

Ampersand understands that no two eCommerce businesses are the same, and they approach their business accordingly. Staffed with CPAs, MBAs and CMIs, they have a combined experience of over 100 years in tax experience. The company’s focus on eCommerce business means they are intimately familiar with everything a seller faces when selling on, eBay, Shopify and more.

In addition to offering full-service sales tax compliance services, Ampersand is launching a software called Sales Tax Analytics that will be invaluable to Amazon merchants in today’s world of nexus and state tax obligations.

“In light of the fact that the Supreme Court is re-reviewing Quill and Wayfair [a high profile case related to sales tax collection] on April 17th, we thought it was extremely important to provide this industry with a tool to better understand their exposure so that they can take steps to protect themselves. We believe this tool will have a very positive impact on the eCommerce industry going forward,” said Mantell. In 1992, the Quill v. North Dakota ruling said that merchants can only be forced to collect taxes in states where their company has a “physical presence.” However, South Dakota has declared this law obsolete and should be overturned; the Supreme Court is set to revisit the ruling later this month.

Sales Tax Analytics

Currently, sales tax laws vary greatly from state to state. Many Amazon sellers are confused or unsure of their tax obligations due to participation in the FBA program. Sales Tax Analytics was created as a joint venture between QuickSKU and Ampersand Accounting to help Amazon merchants and their accountants see exactly when nexus was established in a given state, as well as the year to date sales within a state AND the seller’s current liability and back-owed liability. It is the first tool of its kind and it is just launching today, April 6, 2018. To try it, click here and see how easy it is to use.

About Peter

Peter is, first and foremost, an entrepreneur of the highest degree. As a business development executive, he has developed and implemented creative strategies for start-ups and big businesses alike. Additionally, he has firsthand eCommerce experience. He founded Mantell International Sales and Distribution, Inc, in 2014 and is a successful distributor and wholesaler. That could be why he has such a deep understanding of an Amazon seller’s unique accounting and tax needs. He’s in that space running a successful business, which means he knows how to do the books!

We look forward to learning more about what Ampersand is doing in the future (hint – it’s going to be huge!) and we’re happy to meet eCommerce-minded friends.

Liz Fickenscher

As the Business Development Lead for eComEngine, Liz Fickenscher is committed to providing valuable information to Amazon Sellers through blog posts and informational webinars. Liz is the affiliate ambassador, engaging with customers and strategic partners to build relationships between eComEngine and the eCommerce industry.

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