Update your products with a CSV

You can easily update your products in bulk with a CSV upload. 


Getting Started

On the Products page, click the CSV Options button, then click Download All in the drop-down menu. You can also download a subset of your products by searching and using the Download Current View option.

Once you have downloaded your file, make any desired edits and then save the file.  


Adding Tags

You can add tags to products from the CSV. Separate tags with semicolons (;)

Removing tags from a product is as simple as entering <DELETE> in the tag column. 


Inactivate products

If you have products you don't want to consider restocking anymore, you should mark them inactive. Simply change the value in the IsActive column to FALSE. 


Finishing Up

Once you're done making changes, save your file. Make sure it has a distinctive name so that the file is easy to find for the next step. 

Go back to RestockPro's product page and select Upload from the CSV Options menu. This will prompt you to pick your inventory file to upload to RestockPro.    


Best practices

It's a good idea to make a copy of your download as a backup so that you can reverse any unintended changes.

Check out our article on CSV tips and tricks for more information.