What are box configuration templates in RestockPro?

Box configuration templates make it easier to tell Amazon the box dimensions, weight, and number of units in your FBA shipments.

When you send a shipment to FBA, you have to tell Amazon how many units are in a box, how many boxes are in the shipment, and the length, width, height, and weight of each box. This information is called a box configuration in RestockPro.

If you often ship the same product with the exact same box configuration, it is helpful to create a box configuration template for that product so that you can easily apply the box configuration to future shipments with a single click.

Each SKU in RestockPro can have up to three saved box configuration templates. To create the templates, start on the Products page. There are two ways to set up box configuration templates: one by one, or in bulk by uploading a CSV.

Learn how to create box configuration templates both ways in this video:

One by one:

  1. Click on a product
  2. Type in the dimensions and information.
  3. Give the template a name.
  4. Save.

Bulk CSV upload:

  1. Download the CSV template from the Products page by clicking CSV Options > Get Template.
  2. Delete all the columns except the SKU, template name, sellable units, box length, box width, box height, and box weight (to avoid updating or deleting information by mistake).
  3. Fill in the information for as many SKUs as you need.
    • NOTE: You cannot create more than one template per SKU in the same CSV upload. To create more than one template for the same SKU, you will need to do separate CSV imports.
  4. Save the file and upload it by clicking CSV Options > Upload.