The Suppliers page is where you add and manage your suppliers, their contact information, and your settings. You access this page on the top of your dashboard under Suppliers.


In the main Suppliers page, you’ll see a list of your suppliers and the following information:

  • Lead time

  • Maximum target quantity on hand

  • Minimum target quantity on hand

  • Free freight minimum

  • Target order value

  • Case pack rule

  • Velocity estimation rule

  • Notes

You’ll also see a button where you can add a supplier. When you click it, you’ll see a form to fill out the basic information for that supplier along with your restock rules and purchase order settings. 


Here are some of the key fields you may supply:


Supplier Alias - The name of the supplier or an alias that you use to refer to them. This name is used on the PO and throughout RestockPro.

Address, City, State, Zip - The supplier's address which is used on the PO or as the source address on shipments sent directly from the Supplier. If a new Supplier is added during the Product CSV upload, the address just defaults to your store address but may be updated here.

Contact Name, Email, Order Method, MAP flag, and Notes - 

Free-form information about the Supplier for your reference.

Restock Model - If you fulfill this supplier's product differently than the overall setting for the store, provide the restock model here. All suppliers will use the store setting for Restock Model, so it's best to set the store up for your most typical model and then set individual suppliers to different models if needed. Not sure what your typical Restock Model is? Take a look at our three Overview articles here to find out. 

Lead Times - The total time in calendar days required to transition this supplier's items from order origination to available at the target destination. There are three different fields under lead time. These are:

  • Supplier: Order placement to arrival at your local warehouse.
  • Direct Ship: Order from a supplier directly to Amazon
  • Cross Dock: Total time from order placement with a supplier, shipping to your prep location, prep time, shipping time to Amazon, and time until items are available at an FBA center. 

 These figures are a vital piece of the restock equation and it is important that they accurately reflect the total elapsed time.


Target Qty On Hand Min and Max in Days - These values if supplied will override the same name settings on the Store Settings page.

Case Pack Rule - If specified, this overrides the Store Setting for whether items that must be purchased in multiples are rounded up, down, or not at all.

Velocity Est Rule/Weightings - If specified, this overrides the Store Setting for which historical period is used as the basis for estimating demand.

Payment Terms - This is a freeform text field that displays on the PO.

PO Notes - This is a freeform text field that displays on the PO.

Default Currency - The normal currency for the Supplier. If this currency is not the same as your home currency, you will be able to supply a currency conversion factor on the POs.


Adding New Suppliers

There are 3 ways to create suppliers - by adding them interactively, uploading them through the Supplier CSV upload, or by specifying a new supplier on the Product CSV Upload. Check out our article on CSV Uploads and Tips and Tricks for more information about using CSVs with RestockPro.