Tips for Creating Amazon Stickers and Labels

Sellers must comply with Amazon's sticker and label requirements. RestockPro's flexible sticker formats make it easy to meet these requirements while also increasing efficiency. Here are a few things to try:

  • Check out the extra fields available for stickers. RestockPro will always print what Amazon requires on the label, but you can also include your own SKU, Supplier SKU, an expiration date, or one of several other identifiers.
  • Brand your shipments with your store name so they are easily recognized.
  • Print the packing date on stickers. This may come in handy for identification when you receive Amazon's picture of a returned good.
  • Use the EAN or UPC if you really need additional fields. These fields are available for every product, but most customers only use one or the other for identification purposes. Use the other field to store another bit of information that will be included on stickers if needed.
  • If you have additional information that you routinely include on stickers, you can add it to the item's information on the Products page instead of manually adding the information every time you print stickers.

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